Thargoid Titan

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Thargoid Titan

Thargoid Titans can be found at the centre of Maelstrom (details of how to get to the Titan are on the Maelstrom entry). Titans appear to be capital class ships of around 8km diameter. One study suggests the Titan Taranis is closer to 12.8km in diameter.

The area has many Caustic Mines that will trigger on heat, as well as patrolling Interceptors and Hunters. As usual with Thargoids a low heat output (less than 20% is recommended) will avoid most issues.

Various Thargoid ships can be found entering and exiting the Titan – one way to find the Titan is to follow the Thargoid Wake signals that can be seen in the ship radar display as these are often around the Titan.

The Titan features:

  • a main entrance on its ‘front’ side.
  • eight smaller lateral exits (launch tubes), meant for Hunter class craft egress
  • eight smaller lateral exits (launch tubes), meant for Scout craft egress
  • eight heat vents on each of its wings, on the front side
  • multiple caustic missile launchers and capital turrets which are retractable
  • 25 Titan Turrets

The Titan will change colouration depending upon whether it detects hostility – it starts off with a green colouration, and will change to amber or red depending upon it’s status.

The Titan has a torus force-field-like blue projection that appears after damaging Thargoid things around the Titan, notably, killing several interceptors, or all 25 turrets.

There are materials that can be collected from the surface of the Titan – they can be shot using weapons or, for a higher yield, using the mining Abrasion Blaster. These only appear on the contacts panel at very short range, but can often be located visually from further away.

  • Heat Exposure Specimen (Grade 5) | Heat Vents
  • Phasing Membrane Residue (Grade 3) | Around the Launch Tubes
  • Hardened Surface Fragments (Grade 1) | Scattered Randomly around the surface
Examples of how materials appear on Titan surface

Credits: Thanks to CMDR Mallchad, CMDR ProxyAlpha, CMDR Midnight Bagel, CMDR Battlestarcheese, CMDR Ozric, CMDR XenosAurion, wizzerktity, Xarionn


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