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Brooks Galactic Tours Beacon

Former Executive Producer of Elite Dangerous, Michael Brooks, passed away in June 2023. His memory lives on in all those who play Elite Dangerous and in memorial beacons added in his honor.

In the Artemis system, Tourist Spot 0507 Freeholm VIctory can be found. Added to this beacon is the first of five of the Brookes Memorial Series. The admentum is shown below.

Brookes Memorial Series – Beacon 1/5

Every journey starts somewhere. For Michael Brookes, it began with a passion for telling stories and sharing experiences. A Keen enthusiast of games, literature, and associated collections, he drew inspiration from authors and worldbuilders both contemporary and historic. Michael’s own works reflected this, and he wrote with passion about fantasy, science fiction and mythological beings.

But when Michael looked to the stars, it was clear his journey was destined to weave among them.

In the Beta Sculptoris system, Tourist Spot 0746 A Brilliant Pairing a new beacon was added that is the second of the Brookes Memorial Series.

Brookes Memorial Series – Beacon 2/5

The year is 3301. Star maps are drawn. Planets recorded. A galaxy of endless possibility brought within reach. For the first time, thousands of new pilots would strap themselves into a Commander’s chair and fire up their engines. Millions more would follow, drawn into a shifting spacescape of intrigue, conflict, and discovery.

Michael’s joy in helping bring this experience to so many was inherent in the colour of the text. Emperors, presidents, heroes and villains acquired depth and character. Alliances, federations and empires alike grew inspired by his imagination, added textures and shades to an epic saga. Michael’s contributions would guide others through the years, as a foundation to maintain the epic saga he helped develop.

In the Synuefe CI-J b42-3 system, Tourist Spot 0747 Life Beyond Earth a new beacon was added that is the third of the Brookes Memorial Series.

Brookes Memorial Series – Beacon 3/5

While Michael’s creative aspirations were interstellar, his personal joys were closer to home. Those who knew him recall a larger-than-life personality, touched by kindness and empathy. He maintained friendships with colleagues and Commanders, bonding over the worlds they loved. Michael enjoyed discussing these mutual interests with anybody willing to share a drink at the same time, which often revealed a mischievous sense of humour. It was well known that Michael cared deeply about animal welfare, an example of the compassion with which he is remembered.

In the Taygeta system, Tourist Spot 0748 A Rare Warmth a new beacon was added that is the forth of the Brookes Memorial Series.

Brookes Memorial Series – Beacon 4/5

Many who knew Michael followed an old spacer tradition to honour his legacy. They filled an empty escape pod with small tokens, each symbolising a memory which made them smile. For Michael, these included military insignia, sci-fi memorabilia, carved figurines, and snapshots of rescued animals. Hand-written cards containing fond recollections of times gone and fans of Michael’s endeavours were plenty. The centrepiece was a huge axe, hand-crafted for him in recent years, which was proudly presented at every opportunity.

In the PMD2009 48 system, Tourist Spot 0749 Surrounded by Wonder a new beacon was added that is the fifth of the Brookes Memorial Series.

Brookes Memorial Series – Beacon 5/5

Where Michael rests now is a matter of rumour. To say his spirit quietly rests is at odds with the person many knew. There was also a new experience to pursue. The next frontier to discover. Many discussions of Michael’s legacy turn, inevitably, towards one such undiscovered entity: Raxxla.

A mythological something that stirs wonder among every spacer, this undefined muth remains elusive. But experienced pilots will tell you: If anybody knows the way to Raxxla, Michael Brookes does.

And fast by, hanging in a golden chain,
This pendant world, in bigness as a star
Of smallest magnitude, close by the moon.

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