Pilot’s Memorials

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Pilot’s Memorials

These memorials are placed in 7 systems in human occupied space, each containing a full list of all submitted memorial names. Names can be submitted via a custom request portal. The exact list will not be detailed here, they are long (split between 4 listening posts) and updated every few months.

The memorials consist of 4 Listening Posts each. The Listening Posts are a few meters away from one another, but each has its own Point of Interest in the nav panel: “Pilots’ Memorial A-F:”, “Pilots’ Memorial G-L”, “Pilot’s Memorial M-R”, and “Pilots’ Memorial S-Z”. Each listening post can be scanned with the data link scanner. Once the scan is complete, you will receive a message in your inbox consisting of:

Remembering those lost to us in life, in the knowledge they will live forever amongst the stars.

Followed by a list of newline-separated memorialized names, whose first letter of their first name falls in the range for the respective listening post. Sometimes, multiple names will appear on the same line; in this case, the first name in the list is used for sorting. Some names are prefixed with “CMDR”, indicating that they are a Commander name and not a real name.

Canonn wishes peace to those and their loved ones memorialized by these beacons. Godspeed.

Information and image credit to CMDR Johann Bererund.

The Alioth memorials orbit Turner’s World.

The Sol memorials orbit Earth.


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