Eagle Eye Status : Week 3

Eagle Eye Status : Week 3

This week Irandan was attacked by the Thargoids – this was one of the two stations reported through Eagle Eye last week. The other station, in HIP 21559, was not attacked and we believe this could be related to the numbers of commanders supporting the systems.

After the attack the Eagle Eye Unregistered Communications Beacons changed their reports, and started pointing to new systems. So far we have determined that next week the Thargoids are planning attacks on Lasswitz Terminal in Mentor and Doyle Landing in Lunguni. It should be noted that Mentor is less than 90 Ly from Sol, Federation Capital. In both cases the systems have an Ammonia related world (as has been the case in previous weeks). Also of interest is that two of the other targets this week are an INRA base on 12 Trianguli and the Jameson Cobra crash in HIP 12909, where previously the Thargoids have been more interested in other Thargoid Structures and Barnacles.

Also of note is that the Eagle Eyes are pointing to less locations than in previous weeks: the Thargoids are concentrating their focus on fewer locations – though the meaning of this is unclear.

For more details see the main Eagle Eye page in the codex.

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