Decrypting the Guardian Logs – Lore Locations

Decrypting the Guardian Logs – Lore Locations

This is a set of locations for the different lore in the Decrypting the Guardian Logs mission.

Combinations may also occur at other sites – but if a Lore entry requires (for instance) Orb + Relic then you can scan that at any instance of the same site layout for the same lore.

There can be issues when scanning the obelisks such that you do not receive the inbox message – if this is the case it is worth checking that you got credited with the CR for the scan – if you did not get the CR then you will still need the scan – try rescanning, relogging or visiting a different site.

Obelisk locations / site names from the Canonn site maps

  • Synuefe GT-H b43-1 (640Ly) C 4 27770 ls TURTLE/ANCIENT_SMALL_005
    • Lore 2 from C01 with Thargoid Sensor, Basilisk Tissue
    • Lore 9 from C02 with Casket, Relic
    • Lore 13 from B09 with Orb, Casket
    • Lore 14 from C08, B08 with Relic, Totem
    • Lore 21 from A07 with Orb, Urn
    • Lore 24 from A12, D06 with Tablet, Totem
    • Lore 27 from D07 with Urn, Tablet

  • HIP 39768 (127Ly) A 14 F 6953 ls FISTBUMP/ANCIENT_TINY_003
    • Lore 28 from C02, A07 with Urn, Casket
    • Lore 23 from B08 with Orb, Relic

  • Col 173 Sector ME-P d6-92 (58Ly) B 5 411ls BOWL/ANCIENT_SMALL_003
    • Lore 16 from A07 with Relic, Urn
    • Lore 5 from D01 with Thargoid Sensor, Medusa Tissue
    • Lore 15 from A05 with Relic, Casket

  • Col 173 Sector ZL-L b24-2 (44Ly) B 1 466ls BOWL/ANCIENT_SMALL_003
    • Lore 8 from D5 with Casket, Totem
    • Lore 18 from C07 with Orb, Totem
    • Lore 11 from B07 with Orb, Relic

  • Col 173 Sector PZ-O d6-116 (39Ly) 6 D 1280ls CROSSROADS/ANCIENT_TINY_002
    • Lore 17 from A09, B04 with Relic, Tablet
    • Lore 3 from B09 with Thargoid Sensor, Thargoid Link
    • Lore 20 from D01 with Relic, Orb

  • Col 173 Sector YF-N b23-6 (44Ly) A 3 41ls LACROSSE/ANCIENT_TINY_001
    • Lore 10 from D10 with Casket, Urn

  • Vela Dark Region ZE-A d66 (68Ly) 6 B 1446ls HAMMERBOT/ANCIENT_SMALL_001
    • Lore 1 from A03 with Thargoid Sensor, Cyclops Tissue
    • Lore 26 from B01 with Urn, Totem

  • Vela Dark Region EG-X b1-1 (19Ly) A 1 42ls BEAR/ANCIENT_SMALL_002
    • Lore 4 from E08 with Thargoid Sensor, Thargoid Probe
    • Lore 12 from E14 with Orb, Orb
    • Lore 22 from E16, B01 with Orb, Tablet

  • Vela Dark Region EL-Y d55 (53Ly) 1 367ls BEAR/ANCIENT_SMALL_002
    • Lore 25 from E07 with Urn, Orb
    • Lore 7 from E03 with Casket, Tablet

  • Col 173 Sector RU-O d6-16 (105Ly) A 2 A 1476ls HAMMERBOT/ANCIENT_SMALL_001
    • Lore 19 from A10 with Orb, Casket
    • Lore 6 from C06 with Casket, Orb

Total distance: 2047.7Ly
Total supercruise distance: 40252Ls

There is a different list by IndigoWyrd available from the forums which may be useful:


This information was pulled together by many CMDRs on discord working together to try and solve the puzzle. Thanks to the following so far (in no particular order):

Crimshadow, DaveHedgehog, Dreamstate, Ecthelion, GoukaMekkyaku, Ishmair, Maligno, Namix, Node_, Scotiecraptaco, Survivor-VT111, Suteksio, Tomson Jaden, Zebarmy

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