Guardian Structure

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Guardian Structure

The Guardian Structure is a surface structure created by the Guardians. It was found after the less interactive Ancient Ruins (also created by The Guardians), and is often found in the same systems. While several Ancient Ruins are often found in the same system we have only found a maximum of one Guardian Structure per system.

Guardian Structure in Nav Panel
Video by Obsidian Ant on the Guardian Structure

Where are they

Guardian Structures have been found in the Synuefe, Col 173 and Vela Dark Region area – near the permit locked Regor sector. The can appear in systems without Ancient Ruins. They can appear at any distance from the entry point, but you will only see then in the Navigation Panel within 1000ls. It is worthwhile to visit known Ancient Ruins to see if there is a Guardian Structure nearby. Canonn are recording the locations of the new structures, and you can submit new locations (link on the first page). Look for entries in the ‘Sites’ tab of type ‘structure’. If you’re looking for particular Blueprints then check the ‘Scratch’ page. There is also a map of where they have been found – Guardian Structures currently shown as ‘structure’.

What do they look like

There are multiple site layouts, Guardian Structures appear more varied than the Ancient Ruins. They are also in more mountainous areas – it can be difficult to land nearby in larger ships. There are features that look like bridges and doors. The ten different layouts tiny, small, and medium have been mapped by Zebarmy and Steve Arthur, and mapping of obelisks is in progress.


Ancient Artefacts, Obelisks and Relic Towers

These are part of the Ram Tah mission, and are described there.


Senitnel’s appear from locations in the site, denoted by small rock piles, often near active obelisks. Ram Tah has a good introduction.

It is easiest to destroy them using the turret view and sniping from a distance. Sentinels have missile attacks and kinetic attacks that will move your SRV. There are usually multiple per site (more can spawn as you interact with the site). It is usually advisable to destroy them before further investigation. When you destroy them you they will drop Guardian materials you can harvest. Point Defence on your ship is also useful, as it will attempt to defend you (even in your SRV) against missile attacks from Sentinels if you are within range.

All sites have these.

Sentinel Materials

Destructible Pillars and Panels

These are pillars, usually at an angle, that contain three targetable panels. There are also panels on other structures which glow blue and are targetable. Shoot them to get materials.

All sites have these.

Destructible Pillars and Relic Tower – left Pillar has been harvested


Pylons initially appear as triangles on the ground that are easy to miss. There can be up to six on a site.

Guardian Structure Pylon Base

There are two near the Databank – when you approach they will rise out of the ground. After this has been done then other pillars can be raised across the site. When the initial pillars rise extra Sentinels will spawn.

Guardian Structure Pylon – raised

Note the blue light. You can shoot the pylons with your SRV to charge them. Once charged they send a beam of light into the sky. A timer will start. At this point more sentinels may appear. To activate the site you must charge all pylons within the time limit. The time increases as you charge more pylons. The best way to do this is to find and raise all the pylons and remove any sentinels. Then charge all the pylons. Once the pylons are charged you can interact with the Databank.

Not all sites have pylons.


This is a structure usually situated in a raised platform near the centre of the site. This is activated by charging the pylons. Once the pylons are charged you can drop a specific item (see below) in front of the Databank and it will activate. Datalink Scan the resulting sphere to get Blueprints that are used at Tech Brokers for unlocking various items for sale. There are several types of blueprint available (Module, Weapon and Vessel at the moment). The type of blueprint is determined by the site layout, so a ‘Bear’ will always give Weapon, ‘Turtle’ will always gives Module, etc.

Guardian Structure Databank before activation. Note the blue spot on the floor where the relic should be placed.

For Databank activation Weapon and Module blueprints require an Ancient Relic (available on the site, shoot one off a relic tower), Vessel Blueprints require an Ancient Key, which is available from Guardian Beacons, so are best collected beforehand. Ancient Keys can be used at any suitable site, not just the location that the Beacon gives you.

Not all sites have data-banks.

Blueprints associated with each layout:


Sites for Weapon Blueprint:

SystemLy’s to SolBodyLayout
Synuefe GV-T b50-4676.17B 1Bear
Synuefe PM-L c24-24724.40C 6Bear
Synuefe EU-Q c21-10790.32A 3Bear
Synuefe HF-P c22-17797.53B 1Bear
NGC 2451A Sector IR-W d1-77802.78AB 1 aHammerbot
Pencil Sector YJ-A c33802.961Bear
Synuefe EN-H d11-106806.276 aBear
Pencil Sector CQ-Y c31806.66C 1Bowl
Pencil Sector BQ-X b1-4807.96B 2Bear
NGC 2451A Sector WE-Q b5-6818.43B 1Bear
Wregoe JR-A b41-3818.46F 2Bowl
Synuefe FK-P c22-2823.19E 1Hammerbot
HIP 41730832.0313 g aBowl
Synuefe CE-R c21-6838.48C 1Hammerbot
NGC 2451A Sector MC-V c2-5844.33E 1Bowl
Pencil Sector XO-A c31851.78B 3Hammerbot
Synuefe SP-F b44-0861.18C 1Bear
Synuefe BH-J d10-68862.78C 1Bowl
Synuefe ZL-J d10-109863.26E 3Hammerbot
Wregoe JR-L c21-1866.47C 2Bowl
Synuefe VK-F b44-0874.23B 1Hammerbot
Col 173 Sector FK-C c14-6878.55D 2Bowl
Col 173 Sector PF-E b28-3889.08B 1Bowl
Col 173 Sector ME-P d6-92910.75B 5Bowl
Vela Dark Region JS-T b3-0914.81A 3Bowl
Col 173 Sector ZS-F c12-27917.10B 3Hammerbot
Col 173 Sector ZL-L b24-2924.97B 1Bowl
Col 173 Sector XH-H c11-21931.94B 1Bear
Vela Dark Region DL-Y d91936.895 aBear
Col 173 Sector LT-Q d5-90941.70D 1Bowl
Col 173 Sector ZV-M b23-1951.37A 1Bowl
Col 173 Sector LT-Q d5-82955.76A 3Bowl
Vela Dark Region CQ-Y c0957.99A 2Bowl
Col 173 Sector PZ-O d6-110962.625 a
Col 173 Sector AD-H c11-15968.48B 2Bear
Col 173 Sector FZ-D c13-30969.282Hammerbot
Vela Dark Region EG-X b1-1976.19A 1Bear
Col 173 Sector NV-B c14-1982.191Hammerbot
Vela Dark Region ZE-A d66988.546 bHammerbot
Col 173 Sector CC-K b25-8988.59A 5Hammerbot
Col 173 Sector RU-O d6-16988.85A 2 aHammerbot
Vela Dark Region EL-Y d55991.171Bear
Col 173 Sector KY-Q d5-261005.606 aBowl
Col 173 Sector HN-I b26-51034.59A 1Bowl
Col 173 Sector OD-J b25-21040.30B 1Bear
Col 173 Sector HR-M b23-31059.94B 7Hammerbot
Vela Dark Region TD-S b4-51079.20C 1Bear
Wregoe BU-Y b2-01519.201 cBear

Sites for Module Blueprint:

SystemLy’s to SolBodyLayout
Synuefe PX-J c25-8662.267 aTurtle
Synuefe LQ-T b50-1745.19B 2Turtle
Synuefe GT-H b43-1777.17C 4Turtle
NGC 2451A Sector DL-Y d61797.80A 2Turtle
Pencil Sector YJ-A c12812.43B 3Turtle
Pencil Sector VY-A b8816.61B 1Turtle
Wregoe IM-Z b41-2838.82B 2Turtle
Pencil Sector ZJ-A c4862.26B 4Turtle
Synuefe NL-N c23-4871.24B 3Turtle
Col 173 Sector DS-J b25-2918.02B 5Turtle
Vela Dark Region DL-Y d112945.411 aTurtle
Vela Dark Region DL-Y d83947.345 bTurtle
Col 173 Sector SZ-G b26-0964.16B 2Turtle
Col 173 Sector GS-J b25-4980.74D 2Turtle
Col 173 Sector SU-O d6-541007.92B 2Turtle
HD 631541009.80B 3 aTurtle

Sites for Vessel Blueprint:

SystemLy’s to SolBodyLayout
IC 2391 Sector CA-A d43
603.1912 aStickyhand
IC 2391 Sector HG-X b1-8615.94C 2Robolobster
IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-7618.51A 3Squid
Synuefe NB-B b47-10656.32B 2Robolobster
Synuefe DK-D b46-4661.01C 1Squid
Synuefe GQ-N c23-21661.81B 3Stickyhand
Synuefe IL-N c23-19680.75B 2Squid
Synuefe DJ-G b44-3698.57A 5Robolobster
Synuefe HP-E b45-8704.46D 3Stickyhand
HIP 36781710.59A 6 bSquid
Synuefe JP-E b45-4740.10C 1Stickyhand
Synuefe HE-G b44-5746.60B 2Squid
Synuefe BZ-Q c21-11748.10B 5Robolobster
Synuefe ZG-J d10-79749.98B 1Squid
Synuefe IE-G b44-2756.91A 4Robolobster
Synuefe EN-H d11-29760.016 bRobolobster
Synuefe AH-J d10-46771.99C 1Robolobster
Synuefe KZ-F b44-5772.88A 1Stickyhand
NGC 2451A Sector VJ-R c4-22779.39A 1Stickyhand
Synuefe PF-E b45-5782.75B 2Stickyhand
Synuefe EN-H d11-96783.987 aStickyhand
Synuefe EU-Q c21-15785.72A 1Squid
Synuefe EN-H d11-28785.748 bRobolobster
NGC 2451A Sector TO-R c4-10786.14B 1Robolobster
Synuefe AH-J d10-20787.18A 3Stickyhand
Synuefe NU-F b44-5793.13B 1Stickyhand
Synuefe BE-R c21-35800.05E 2Robolobster
Synuefe AH-J d10-103802.12B 1Squid
Synuefe ED-I b43-8810.72A 2Squid
Synuefe DZ-Q c21-14814.6310 aSquid
Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-21344.501 aSquid
Wregoe BU-Y b2-01519.201 cStickyhand


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