Guardian Beacons

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Guardian Beacons

On 29 AUG 3304 Ram Tah announced new signals detected from several sectors in Guardian space in Galnet:

Three recently detected energy signatures have been confirmed to be of a similar nature.

The engineer Ram Tah made a statement to the media:

“As part of my research, I regularly review data from surveillance satellites and ships that have picked up atypical signals. Although most turn out to be of no consequence, on this occasion I have identified three energy signatures that I believe warrant further investigation.”

“The signals originate from the NGC 2451A sector, the IC 2391 sector and the Synuefe EN-H region. I have no further data, and at this time the signatures’ meaning remains a mystery.”

“I encourage any independent pilots operating in these regions to investigate. I do of course apologise if this turns out to be a pointless exercise, but in the pursuit of scientific knowledge, even the smallest opportunity must be explored.”

Searching these areas quickly revealed new space based Guardian structures called Guardian Beacons. These are unlike previous surface structures in that they only appear then you are within 1000 ls. When you get close three Guardian Energy Pylons appear. These can be targeted, and there is a time limit within which all three must be activated by weapon fire. Energy weapons such as lasers and rail guns are known to activate the pylons. Once the beacon is activated you can scan the data point (which will give you a message pointing to a nearby Guardian Structure). After the scan completes an Ancient Key appears. This is cargo, so you will need cargo space to collect it, and there have been reports of difficulty collecting it in large ships, and with limpets.

The new Guardian Structures pointed to by the beacons are all of the ‘Medium’ class (as opposed to previous findings which were all Tiny or Small). These have more sentinels, as they are larger structures. They are the source of Guardian Vessel Blueprints: take the Ancient Key and use it to activate one of the new sites in the usual way to gain a Vessel Blueprint. These are needed to build the Guardian Hybrid Ship Launched Fighters. The Guardian Structures can also be found without the associated Beacons, so more Structures are known than Beacons.

Currently reported Guardian Beacons can be found in the Canonn sheet, and you can report new finds here.

This is a small sample of some of the locations:

Beacon Guardian Structure Type
Synuefe EN-H d11-28 8 B 001
Synuefe KU-F B44-4 Synuefe EU-Q c21-15 A 1 002
NGC 2451A Sector LX-U D2-25 NGC 2451A Sector VJ-R C4-22 A 1 003
Unknown IC 2391 Sector FL-X b1-7 A 3 002
Synuefe PF-E B45-5 B 2 003
Synuefe IL-N C23-15 Synuefe IL-N c23-19 B 2 002
Synuefe ZG-J D10-49 Synuefe AH-J D10-20 A 3 003
Synuefe EN-H d11-96 7 A 003
Synuefe EN-H D11-29 6 B 001


First Guardian Beacon was reported by Vincent Valamore in Synuefe KU-F B44-4.


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