Unclassified Relics

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Unclassified Relics

Unclassified Relics, also sometimes referred to by the community as Green Relics or Grelics, are a variation of Guardian Relics first discovered after the failure of the Proteus Wave in late 3308, having a green tint similar to Thargoid objects rather than the blue glow of normal Guardian Relics. The relics possess both Guardian and Thargoid energy signatures

They are the result of inserting Guardian Relics into a Thargoid Device in a Thargoid Surface Site. The Thargoid device reacts violently with energy beams in the presence of Guardian Relics (as was seen before the firing of the Proteus Wave) but now drops the Unclassified Relics. Caution is advised, as all Scavengers will become hostile and the area near the device will rapidly increase the heat in your SRV.

At the time of writing, they have not been observed to have any effect at Guardian Structures and no further effect at Thargoid Surface Sites.

Ram Tah and Professor Ishmael Palin expressed an interest in these artifacts in August 3308, and providing unclassified relics to Professor Palin at Abel Laboratory in the Arque system, or to Ram Tah at Phoenix Base in the Meene system could serve as another way to unlock access to the respective engineer. Additionally, one unclassified relic is a component (along with 5 Massive Energy Surge Analytics, 5 Propulsion Elements, & 5 Sensor Fragments) of the Thargoid Pulse Neutralizer, required to access the Thargoid Titans inside Thargoid Maelstroms.

A comparison of the two is shown below.

Guardian Relic

Unclassified Relic

Thanks to CMDR OmegaPaladin for writing the article, CMDR Yttrbio for the header image, and CMDR Alton for the Relic vs Grelic comparison images.

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