Karis Unnamed Installation

Karis Unnamed Installation

An unnamed installation (with a blank name in the navigation panel) may be found in orbit of Karis AB 2.

The existence of this installation was revealed by the listening post found in orbit of the planet Quy in the Quiness system that actually lead to Halley Terminal, but incorrectly named the Karis system.

Two Satellites giving Engineer Data are adjacent to the facility.

Four Ship Log Uplink points can be located on and within the structure. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of the post to scan it and retrieve the logs, only three give logs, one gives engineer data:

Look, Malik, the plan is foolproof. Stop getting your panties in a bunch. The ships get attacked. I turn up with a rescue team and do the salvage. Then you do the repairs. After that we sit back and count the money. It’s easy pickings.

So what you’re telling me, Hendge, is that this Pirate Lord Luca isn’t real?

Of course not – he’s just some guy we hired. He turns up, attacks the ships, leaves them crippled and then we arrive. I’ve got it all worked out.

Okay, Hendge, but what if someone gets killed? What if we get caught?

No one’s going to get hurt, Malik. The guy we’ve hired is an excellent pilot. And as long as you keep your mouth shut and stick to your end of the deal, no one will ever know.

I’m just not sure about this.

What’s not to be sure about? You need the money don’t you, Malik, that much is obvious. If you don’t want your repair yard to be repossessed and this is your way out.

All right, Hendge I’m in. But no one gets hurt.

No one gets hurt. You have my word.

Hendge! You said no one was going to get hurt. You said you’d hired an excellent pilot. He’s left dead bodies all over the damn system!

Calm down, Malik. There’s nothing to link us to any of this.

That’s not the point. Damn you, Hendge. I can’t have this on my conscience – I don’t care how much money we’re making. I’m out!

Gut? You’re out? You don’t seem to understand how this works, Malik. There is no out. You’re going to see this through till the end.

No? You can’t force me to repair those ships at my yard. I’m done with this whole thing.

Really, Malik? That’s a shame. I guess you’ll get used to the penal colony.

What? What do you mean ‘penal colony’.

I mean, Malik, when I said there’s nothing linking ‘us’ to this I may not have been 100% honest. There’s nothing linking me to this. But unless you carry on with those repairs I’m going to pin this whole thing on you. I’ve already done the ground work. Any more talk about quitting and System Security will be all over you like a rash. So get back to your yard and finish those repairs like a good boy.

Something’s happened. We’re going to have to lay low for now, so there’ll be no more repairs at the yard for a while.

What do you mean, Hendge? What’s going on?

The local security chief has taken a particular interest in the recent pirate activity. He’s investigating Lord Luca and he might have worked out his identity.

But Hendge, if the chief finds out who Lord Luca is he might be able to trace this whole thing back to us.

Stop panicking, Malik. Just do as you’re told. If the worst comes to the worst we’ ll just have to take him out.

Who? The security chief? Are you mad, Hendge?

I said stop panicking. Just leave the thinking to me and act dumb. That shouldn’t be too much of an effort for you.

The Pirate Lord Luca himself, in his ship the Rack and Ruin, accompanied by another of smaller vessels, will scan you on arrival.


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