Mahon Research Base

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Mahon Research Base

As with the nearby Mic Turner Base, this facility on HIP 18077 6 C is administered by the Alliance’s Turner Research Group.

Clearly fungal growths are of great interest to the Alliance, and a major part of the reason for their presence around the California Nebula. While Mic Turner Base is adjacent to a large patch of Bark Mounds, this base is adjacent to a hithero-unknown patch of growths dubbed Space Pumpkins (now known as Anemones).

The patch is 2.5km away from the base on a bearing of 120º.

It is not known if these new growths are related to the Bark Mounds, or the result of Alliance experimentation on them. Reports from Commanders prior to April 3303 had suggested that this patch was of Bark Mounds, not these new growths.

Those looking to harvest Engineer Materials from the growths should beware that the patch is within the base’s No Fire Zone; you will be fined if you shoot at them.

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