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Research Limpets

Commander SovereignWinter with the help of Crimshadow, Grimscrub, Dr. Strange, and Cometborne has put together this guide to research limpets.

Images provided by Scopelx, SlashMatrix and LCU No Fool Like One

A Brief History of Limpets

Limpets are disposable, consumable, drones developed by Manticore. They are incredibly versatile such that any limpet can be programmed to fill a variety or roles yet standardized to fit in the same footprint as a standardized cargo canister. Each limpet is equipped with a standardized hardware package including a 3D thruster suite for maneuverability and propellant tanks. Specialized equipment allowing any limpet to serve in any of the following roles is also present: Collected, Decontamination, Fuel Transfer, Hatch Breaker, Recon, Prospector, Repair, and Research.

Research Limpets

As previously stated, the universal limpet can be programmed to collect samples from various sources found in our galaxy using a Research Limpet Controller. These have been used to extract tissue samples from Thargoids (be warned, this often provokes a hostile response) and other biology found in what the Pilots Federation collectively classified as Notable Stellar Phenomena. To date, only one variety of Research Limpet Controller, the 1E, is available on the market and no Engineer has attempted any modifications/upgrades to the controller. The 1E controller limits the limpet to 300 seconds of operation and can only be operated up to a max distance of two kilometers from the pilot. Once the sample is collected, the limpet will deposit it into the ship’s cargo hold prior to self termination. 

The following contains a comprehensive list of all available samples obtainable by the research limpet provided by the most dedicated of Canonn’s Boffins as well as where to find them. 

Mollusc Samples

Molluscs are space-faring non-sapient creatures that share the common traits of obtaining energy through a process similar to photosynthesis and have a hardened shell to protect them from the harsh space environments. 

SampleMollusc Source
Mollusc Brain TissueBulb & Capsule
Mollusc FluidBulb & Capsule
Mollusc Soft TissueBulb & Capsule
Mollusc MyceliumUmbrella & Reel
Mollusc MembraneUmbrella, Parasol, & Reel
Mollusc SporesUmbrella, Parasol, & Reel

Note: The following molluscs variants can not be sampled using the research limpet due to insufficient biomass: Bell, Bullet, Gourd, Torus, Squid, and Globe.

Pod Samples

Research Limpet with a Pod Dead Tissue sample from a Collard Pod (source: CMDR LCU No Fool Like One)

Pods are seed carrying space-faring organisms that share some of the qualities of terrestrial plants. In most cases these pods are connected to a space-faring tree of the same name. 

SamplePod Source
Pod TissueStolon
Pod Core TissueCollared, Aster, Rhizome, Peduncle, Quadripartite, Chalice, Octahedral
Pod MesogleaGyre
Pod Dead TissueCollared, Aster, Rhizome, Peduncle, Quadripartite, Chalice, Octahedral
Pod Outer TissueGyre
Pod Shell TissueGyre
Pod Surface TissueCollared, Aster, Rhizome, Peduncle, Stolon, Quadripartite, Chalice, Octahedral

Note: Albidum Collard Pods are not consider valid targets at this time 3307.01.09 

Thargoid Samples

Research Limpet in with a Thargoid Basilisk Tissue Sample (source: CMDR SlashMatrix)

Thargoids are an intelligent, highly advanced insectoid species that have existed for millions of years to the point that they were still a highly advanced space-faring species when the Guardians first interacted with them over a million years ago. Their ships, interceptors and scouts, can be sampled by the research limpet due to their bio-mechanical nature. The Thargoids do not react kindly to their ships being sampled but fortunately Canonn has put together this handy guide to help in your research efforts.

SampleThargoid Source
Thargoid Scout Tissue SampleThargoid Scout
Thargoid Cyclops Tissue SampleCyclops class Thargoid Interceptor
Thargoid Basilisk Tissue SampleBasilisk class Thargoid Interceptor
Thargoid Medusa Tissue SampleMedusa class Thargoid Interceptor
Thargoid Hydra Tissue SampleHydra class Thargoid Interceptor

Note: Thargoid samples are corrosive and will require a Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack to transport.

Anomaly Samples

Anomalies are the oddities of the space-fairing forms of life we find. Unlike most of the fungal based life that we have found, anomalies seem to be some new classification of energy based lifeform. Additional studies are required.

SampleAnomaly Source
Anomaly ParticlesUnknown

Note: While acknowledged as a tradeable salvage commodity by the Pilots Federation standardized trade interface, there is currently no known way to obtain Anomaly Particles. While the Research Limpet Controller will target the anomaly, the research limpet will not make contact as if the anomaly is immaterial. It is unknown if the limpets do not have sufficient equipment to capture a sample from these objects at this time or if we are not using the proper sampling techniques. 

No Samples

The following samples have attempted to be taken without success. Research is ongoing, 

Microorganism Clusters

Sample SourceResults
Calciate PlateNot considered a valid target
Ice CrystalNot considered a valid target
Silicate CrystalNot considered a valid target
Metallic CrystalNot considered a valid target
Lattice Mineral SphereNot considered a valid target
Solid Mineral SphereNot considered a valid target

Note: These structures were constructed by clusters of microorganisms in a similar fashion to coral on ancient Earth. They themselves are not alive and while considerably massive, the Research Limpet Controller does not consider them valid targets due to the insignificant biomass of the individual microorganisms.  


Sample SourceResults
Aster TreeNot considered a valid target
Gyre TreeNot considered a valid target
Peduncle TreeNot considered a valid target
Stolon TreeNot considered a valid target
Void HeartNot considered a valid target

Note: While these are considered living plant-like organisms, like their respective seed pods, and are considerably massive, the Research Limpet Controller does not consider them valid targets.  

Surface Life

Sample SourceResults
Amphora PlantResearch limpet unable to operate
AnemoneResearch limpet unable to operate
Bark MoundResearch limpet unable to operate
Brain TreeResearch limpet unable to operate
Sinuous TuberResearch limpet unable to operate
Thargoid BarnacleResearch limpet unable to operate
ScavengerResearch limpet unable to operate
Thargoid PodResearch limpet unable to operate

Note: While these are living organisms the Research Limpet is unable to sample them to due their weak thrusters only intended to work in zero-G. On any surface body the limpets crash to the ground when deployed. 

If you’ve found another organism to sample with the Research Limpet or your findings are different then those presented here, feel free to contact Canonn with your documentation so we can update this document.

Spent Research Limpet (source: CMDR SlashMatrix)
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