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Survival Tips Series

The “Survival Tips” series is a set of 11 Data Logs that are distributed across four crashed Anaconda Trading Vessels that have been converted to settlements. The logs explain how to survive after being stranded on an alien planet. This codex entry serves to collect all these logs in one place.

SURVIVAL TIPS 1/11 (Trading Vessel MD-001)

I’m not sure anyone will hear this, but if I don’t do

this I think I might go crazy. So here goes.

If you find yourself stranded on an alien planet here are

some tips to help you survive. I mean I’m not going to

cover the usual things that you find in your Pilots

Federation manual. These are the real things that people

just don’t tell you.

SURVIVAL TIPS 2/11 (Trading Vessel MD-001)

Tip 1:

Make sure your comms system is not an antiquated piece

of crap and that you maintain radio contact with flight

control in each system. otherwise you might not be able

to call for help.

Yeah. who has two thumbs and forgot to fix his comms

system. That’s right folks… this guy.

SURVIVAL TIPS 3/11 (Trading Vessel MD-002)

Tip 2:

Oh yeah this is a big one. If you have to crash on a planet

make sure your cargo hold is full of useful stuff like evac

shelters, food, basic meds or replacement parts for your

newly wrecked ship.

Whatever you do don’t fill it with cargo that’s as much use

a chocolate fuel scoop.

SURVIVAL TIPS 4/11 (Trading Vessel MD-001)

Tip 3:

Oh. I almost forgot this one. On the off chance that you’ve

crashed on a planet don’t, whatever you do, trade in your

emergency transponder for a bottle of out of date Indi

Bourbon a week before the crash. It turns out those things

are important and despite what some people might tell

you, your ship needs to have one.

It might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many

people do it. Yeah, you know who you are.

SURVIVAL TIPS 5/11 (Trading Vessel MD-003)

Tip 12:

Wash your hands after using the biowaste in your cargo

hold to attempt to make a garden. Seriously, hygiene is

important. who knows what this stuff is. It smells terrible

and really doesn’t taste very nice. I might not be making

another message for a while.

SURVIVAL TIPS 6/11 (Trading Vessel MD-002)

Tip 29:

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: survival on

a hostile planet is all about the prep. Prep, prep, prep.

Plan your crashes, it makes it a whole lot easier than

being surprised by one and then thinking, wow I wish I’d

planned this crash better.

SURVIVAL TIPS 7/11 (Trading Vessel MD-003)

Tip 14:

Make sure your ship has a cabin you can seal off after

you’ve had an eye watering stomach bug. Plastic and duct

tape are not essential to seal the door, but they can make

the job easier and prevent leaks.

Maybe I should have put the plastic on the floor first.

SURVIVAL TIPS 8/11 (Trading Vessel MD-003)

Tip 20:

If you’re trying to grow your own food there is no point in

planting food cartridges. They don’t grow.

However, the algae in the air purifiers will grow like crazy

so no need to plant anything, just scrape the stuff off the

filters and you’ve got yourself a top notch dining

experience for one.

SURVIVAL TIPS 9/11 (Trading Vessel MD-004)

Tip 77:

Whatever you do don’t go crazy and start talking to yourself, or worse start making a vid series of survival tips when you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. I mean. seriously dude, you’re nuts.

What do you think is going to happen here?

Don’t give me that look.

Hey come back here l’m talking to you.

*sigh* That guy is driving me crazy.

SURVIVAL TIPS 10/11 (Trading Vessel MD-004)

Tip 38:

This might be your first crash, it_might be, say, your 46th, not to be too specific about it, but learn from a pro. You can’t use domestic appliances to repair your thruster manifolds.

It turns out all that does is make a lot of smoke and a very loud bang. Not to mention the hull breach in the engine compartment.

Who knew, right?

SURVIVAL TIPS 11/11 (Trading Vessel MD-004)

Tip 8:

A rookie mistake that a lot of first time crashers fall into is mixing up the water supply with the urine disposal system. Colour code that bad boy.

I’m serious! That stuff has a wicked after taste that just doesn’t go away.


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