Trading Vessel MD-004

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Trading Vessel MD-004

This is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HIP 83003 on planet 6 a. It has three uplinks, plus a datapoint that give encoded data materials. There are manufactured materials scattered around (all low grade). The message numbers imply that there are other messages to be found.

While visiting the system check out the many Biological Points of Interest in the system, they include Luminous Anemones.



Tip 77:

Whatever you do don’t go crazy and start talking to yourself, or worse start making a vid series of survival tips when you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. I mean. seriously dude, you’re nuts.

What do you think is going to happen here?

Don’t give me that look.

Hey come back here l’m talking to you.

*sigh* That guy is driving me crazy.


Tip 38:

This might be your first crash, it_might be, say, your 46th, not to be too specific about it, but learn from a pro. You can’t use domestic appliances to repair your thruster manifolds.

It turns out all that does is make a lot of smoke and a very loud bang. Not to mention the hull breach in the engine compartment.

Who knew, right?


Tip 8:

A rookie mistake that a lot of first time crashers fall into is mixing up the water supply with the urine disposal system. Colour code that bad boy.

I’m serious! That stuff has a wicked after taste that just doesn’t go away.

Originally reported via a forum post by CMDR John Stoutbeard.

Subsequently the listening posts that were supposed to lead to this wreck were found in Swoilz XR-W c4-31, Swoilz TU-R b10-2 and Swoilz TZ-R b10-4.


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