Thargoid Data: We need your help

Thargoid Data: We need your help

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Let’s do some field research!

Having received many reports from all different quarters that Thargoid interactions are spreading and being encountered in new systems on a daily basis, we want to introduce a little scientific rigor into the process of capturing this data, and for that we need to ask for your help.

Data gathering

We want to clarify the details of the following three questions:

  1. Are the Thargoid Hyperdictions spreading or changing in nature?
  2. Are the Thargoid attacks spreading or changing in nature?
  3. What do the Thargoid markings actually mean?

To help with the effort, the following data gathering tools have been provided:

Please use these methods of reporting when encountering Thargoids as this will help add to the data we have already captured.

How to use the EDMC Thargoid Encounter USS Survey plugin

1. For PC users, first you will need to download and install the Elite Dangerous Market Connector.

2. Then download the USS survey plugin (in the quote below) and unzip it in the EDMC plugin folder.

As well as automatically logging USS and Hyperdictions it will also allow you to click through to the manual forms with some of the details pre-filled.

EDMC use is only possible on PC, so if you are using Xbox or PS4 you will need to use the reporting forms.

Advice for Scientists

  • Always carry a Xeno Scanner. You may gather new data, and it will make the identification of the signal a lot easier.
  • Always take a screenshot of the Thargoid Vessel AND its marking from your contacts screen or your HUD. This will be specially important if you find a new one.
  • Any observation of new behaviour will be very welcome. Also note any tests you carry out and the result.


The data you provide will help us analyse both the spread and regularity of these interactions, for the benefit of all.


View image on

  • The raw data captured is available for viewing in a Google Sheet visible here.
  • This data is plotted on a 3d Map here (please note, the data takes a little while to load on first opening).
  • The Canonn R&D Tool for checking and comparing Thargoid markings is available here.

Thank you!

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