The Thargoid Link

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The Thargoid Link


The Thargoid Link is a Thargoid object that can be found in Thargoid Structure Surface Sites (Non Destroyed ones) and they bear great similarities to the Thargoid Probe and the Thargoid Sensor.

They can be found within any structure with more than 2 Leviathans in their own chamber. There will be 3 Links in what appears to be 3 pod-like structures. The Links will drop down from the ceiling if you have a Thargoid Sensor, or Probe in the cargo bay of your SRV. The Link is necessary in order to activate the Thargoid Device.


Thargoid Links can also be used to locate new Thargoid sites. After a Thargoid Link has been jettisoned in space you’ll be able to open one of the previous scanned messages in your notifications tab acquired from scanning the Thargoid Device, the Link will react to each signal and produce an audio code that when decoded gives the name of a system when you travel to that system and drop the Thargoid Link into space again and play the message again, the Link will then point in the direction of a new Site by releasing a beam in the corresponding direction. Numerous Thargoid sites have been found this way. The way people found out was through extensive mathematics, more can be read about the process at this forum post

For an excellent overview of how to decode the narrow-band audio check out this guide from Redden Alt-Mer:

To decode the message to a location there is an online tool, though it should be noted that the messages sometimes have errors that require more extensive processing.

If you just want the spectrogram settings for Audacity:

Audacity Spectrograph Settings for decoding Thargoid Probe transmissions

Audacity Spectrograph Settings for decoding Thargoid Probe transmissions

Thargoid Link firing beam.

The 3 pods

The 3 pods that hold the Thargoid Links


  • Generally a single TL is quite easy to care for, but you will have to be careful carrying more than a couple. The primary concern is the internal systems damage. Here are some tips to handle this:
  • First and foremost keep an eye on your cargo hatch. If it fails in normal space you can usually recover any cargo that falls out, providing you notice. However, if it fails in super-cruise then you are out of luck.
  • Carry one or more Auto Field-Maintenance Units. You need to keep your cargo hatch above 75-80% to prevent malfunctions.
  • Carry some additional (less valuable) cargo so that if your cargo hatch does fail you won’t necessarily lose the TL.
  • Have a lot of modules. The more modules in your ship, the more the damage will be spread out and the less your cargo hatch will suffer.
  • If you’re travelling long-distance, jump quickly. From the time you arrive in a system, you have 30 seconds until the first damage occurs. If you can scoop fuel (if necessary), find your next destination, and get to the jump countdown before the damage triggers, then you will avoid all damage in that system and get a new 30-second window in the next system.
  • If you’re carrying 3 or more TLs, you need to be lucky. More than two TLs hitting the cargo hatch simultaneously can cause it to malfunction even if it was at 100%.
  • As with the Thargoid Sensor and Thargoid Probe, they erode internal modules causing damage to your ship, this can be stopped with the corrosive resistant cargo racks from professor Palin. Be warned carrying all 3 objects without a CRCR ( Corrosive resistant cargo rack ) you will receive a significant amount of damage that may cause your cargo hatch to malfunction and lose the objects.


Thargoid Links have so far only been found at Thargoid Impact Sites that have access to the central room (sites with more than 2 Leviathans), and the additional sub-rooms that house the “TL dispensers”. Some of these locations Include ( A full list can be found here: )

HIP 14909 2 A -26.4561 // -27.4742
MEL 22 SECTOR ZU-P C5-1 4 A -63.5266 // 8.0136
MEL 22 SECTOR NX-U D2-27 5 A -39.7932 // -56.2540
MEL 22 SECTOR NX-U D2-31 3 A -51.7229 // -110.0287
MEL 22 SECTOR YU-F B11-1 AB 5 A -52.0061 // -5.6793
MEL 22 SECTOR UT-R C4-4 1 A 16.2444 // 25.5284
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