CMDR Filina – Commander’s Logs

CMDR Filina – Commander’s Logs

4-MAY-3303 – DAMN STARS – For the last 3 days I have been exploring the galaxy, trying to stay out of harms way.

I am now as of 23:21 hours on May 3 3303 at Halley Port in The CW Ursae Majoris System after a close call with coming to close to a star. Hate overheating like that.

I just sold off about 160K in system information and going to sleep for the night. Where to tomorrow? Who knows.


5-MAY-3303 – BATTUTA CITY, LP 847-48 SYSTEM – It’s about 18:00 hours 04/04/3303 and I have just woke. It was a crazy night of dreams. I have just started venturing out into space, and have only heard of the things I would see. But to actually see, to feel the presence and vastness of space, is mind bending.

Tonight I am going to go explore some more, see how much I can make credits towards my new ship.

Goal: a bit of a larger ship so I can have more jump range. we will see how it goes tonight.

Signing Off
Commander Filina Mirutu

01:15 04/05/3303

As I fly the Mirutu I into the city I let out a huge sigh of relief. For the last half hour I have been watching my radar, hoping no one came after me for this data I am carrying.

I decided to go out and explore this evening, found a few stars here and there.

I got a message from someone saying they wanted me to meet someone in the LHS 2106 system. They were to give me some data to be delivered in Battuta City.

I was nervous at first. I had never done anything like that, heck all I wanted to do was explore.

Looking out at the stars, I sit and pondered the prospect, for a very long moment.

See, I am nobody, just a woman out in space. I used to be married, and had a successful investigative business, of sorts, in Azeban. My husband brought me there and now looking back, I am sure it was not because he wanted to start a new life with me. But I digress.

I was in the business of helping desperate men and women who wanted to know if their husbands and wives were cheating on them. They paid me well. Very well actually and it kept me busy while my husband was away on “trips.”

However, during one of my nightly surveillance’s, thinking he was away on one of his “trips”, what I discovered was the last thing I thought I would ever find. You never think it will happen to you.

Needless to say, after a little blackmail. he left. Sent him packing to Sol, penniless I might add, well, enough to get him there at least. I was relieved when he left and I decided to take some of the funds and get a small ship.

I mean why not?

I put the rest in the bank, I didn’t think I would need much, “I just needed a little vacation.”‘ That is what I told myself at least. I mean I didn’t think I would be gone for as long as I have been and I definitely didn’t think of the consequences of my decision.

Which brings me back to me sitting here, in my ship, in Battutu City.

I actually closed the message and did some more exploring, finally making it to Fionn, I have a friend there at Currie Enterprise. I sold my data to the local cartographers and after drinks and some food, I came back to my ship.

I counted the little credits I made, took a deep breath and opened the message again.

After reading it over and over, and shook my head, “I must be nuts, I mean it is one thing to do this type of stuff on solid ground, it is another to be doing it in a small sidewinder” I laughed at my moment of insanity, or was it sanity? Regardless, I decided to take the mission. I mean, why not, what did I have to lose?

Pulling up the map I plotted my course. Thankfully it was not far. I then fueled up, took a deep breath and headed out.

I flew to the LHS 2106 system where they said I needed to go and after jumping into the system, I scooped some fuel and just sat there for a moment. I had no clue what to do.

Looking about the cockpit, I finally decided to head to the nearest station. I docked and waited. Nothing. “crap, now what?” I wasn’t getting any more messages. “shit, in the system, not the station Filina” I said to myself, and after checking my ship, launched back into the system.

By this time, I was bound and determined to find this person, still nervous of course and still not knowing what to do, I jumped back into super-cruise and sent out a scan. Seeing a message fly across my board, I about jumped out of my chair, “Ivan Zheravkov: Don’t panic, I’ve been sent to find you, Follow my wake, and we can talk.” I sat there for a few seconds, heart racing as I stared at the message, “dammit, follow what, your wake?” I finally messaged back to him.

Again, I had no idea. However, some things come second nature to me out here, so I went down to my contacts, and sure enough, there he was.

“Ahhh, there you are, okay, not so hard… now follow Filina, just follow him” I kept talking to myself until suddenly he disappeared. “Dammit, where did he go?”

All of a sudden his wake disappeared, I looked everywhere, I was frustrated beyond words, I had no idea where he went. After cruising around for about a half hour, I finally decided to jump out and jump back in, maybe I would find him again, or he would find me.

I jumped to the closest system, LP 844-28, turned right back around and jumped back into the LHS 2106 system. At this point I was running on pure adrenaline, heart pounding, but something about that state, I was doing, not thinking. As soon as I jumped back in, I scanned the system and sure enough, there he was, and in came another message, “You’re a hard one to find, I am about to drop down, can you follow me?” I immediately answered him, “Yes Commander, I have you in sight.” This time I was not going to lose sight of his wake, no matter what.

It took me a few times, but finally, I was able to drop out. What I saw next was, well, a first for me. Another ship, right there in front of me in the middle of what seemed like no where. He sent me another message, “This data needs to be taken to Battuta City as soon as possible” and no sooner did he say that, I watched my console light up as the data was uploaded to my ships data bank.

“Sure, I will get right on this” I said, kinda half chuckling as I stared at his ship. I had already plotted the route earlier, so I could head out as soon as I got the data. The last thing I wanted to do was be sitting around, waiting for who knows who else.

The jump was quick, but the last fifteen minutes were some of the longest fifteen of my life. I was constantly checking my radar, seeing if someone was rushing up behind me. There was a lot of traffic in the area I noticed, I had heard something about the conflicts in the area and wondered if this data had anything to do with it.

Dead ahead, there she was, Battuta City and I finally dropped out. I have never felt so good to drop out of super cruise before and took a deep breath as I made my way to the entrance.

I just wanted to get this data off my ship, honestly.

After making a call to the port authorities, they finally gave me permission to dock, and I could not have been more happy.

After docking and handing off the data, I now sit here, staring at the board. The data was for the Union Reps, not sure what was in it, but it seemed to be really important. It made me feel good knowing I did something good, or did I?

I guess I will really never know, I have lost all communications with them once they paid me my fee.

I guess the next question is, do I want to go back home?

Think I will grab a drink and think on that one a little longer, I am kind of liking it out here. I best get some sleep.

Signing Off
Commander Filina Mirutu


5-MAY-3303 – AN UNEXPECTED SURPRISE – Captains Log (Battuta City, LP 847-48 System)

Scratching my head, I wake from a dream state that has left me foggy and a bit lethargic. I roll over and look around the small cabin. “I really need a bigger bed.” Running my hands over my face, I rub my eyes, clearing my vision as I crawl out of the small sleeping compartment.

Stretching slowly, my neck and back creak as then lean over and look in the small mirror I have mounted on the compartment wall. “Sheesh, I didn’t have that many drinks before bed.” Chuckling slightly, I quickly dress in some sweats, a t-shirt and my boots. Grabbing my bag I make my way to the station facilities and get ready for the day.

After grabbing some food at one of the local diners, I sit and talk for a few moments with some fellow explorers, who tell me about a new group forming. They are called The Forge.

They told me that they were not aligned with any factions, but rather, were more ambassadors, in search of science, exploration, and knowledge. I like the thought of and they gave me their contact information before I headed back to my ship.

Before boarding, I stop and talk to the deck crew, “everything looks good Commander Filina, we buffed a few scratches out of your pain job too, was nothing big” the one man replies as he winks at me. Shaking my head, i just laugh, “Well thank you, what do I owe you?” I ask as I look at back quarter panel of my sidewinder, “ahh nothing, we heard you helped the Union Laborers, it was the least we could do.”

Looking back at him, and another that had walked up to stand next to him, I just stared curiously, about the ask more questions, but thought it best I not. “Well, thank you, and it was nothing, really.” I said quietly, brow slightly furrowing as I was not use to such kindness, not without someone wanting something in return.

Turning back to my ship, I stare at her for a few long moments. She was nothing special, just a plain Sidewinder, but I did equip her with the best I could afford, for the time being. I started to walk around her, the men still watching me, as if they were waiting for something. It was then that I saw it, on the port side, my head snapping back to the men, “Did you guys do this?” I ask, pointing up as I turned to look back at my ships name painted on the side, utterly amazed at what I was seeing.

“We sure did Commander” one of them said as he crossed his arms over his chest in a proud gesture. “Sure did, Ma’am, told you, you helped us a lot by delivering that data, it is the least we can do.” The other one said, a young man, grinning from ear to ear as he stepped forward.

My eyes welled up with tears, but I didn’t look at them, I didn’t want them to see my moment of weakness, even if it was a joyful moment.

Blinking rapidly, I cleared my throat, and lifted my chin a bit prouder than I had felt just minutes before. Taking a deep breath, I just stared at the name, Mirutu I.

Mirutu was my fathers name, a great Starship Captain of the Gallente Federation in another galaxy. I had only heard stories about him, how he led his people to victory during many wars. He was quite the leader, from what my mother told me. I only saw him a few times as a child in person, he was gone most of the time. But holodecks are amazing things. But then one day, we got news, that his ship had been shot down. I was only nine.

When I got my ship, I knew immediately what I wanted to name it, it was my way of remembering him, maybe even hoping that….Shaking my head I looked back at the men, offering them both a warm smile filled with gratitude, humbled by what they had did.

I figured they got the name from my flight logs, when I showed them to the port authority. But I never thought I would see it on the side of my ship.

“Thank you” I simply said as I walked back to them, sticking my hand out to shake both of theirs. “This means a lot, more than you know” I took a deep breath as they shook my hand, then looked back at my ship, “it is on both sides Commander, we are very happy you didn’t get upset”

I turned back to them and started to laugh, “upset, no, not in the least” I said as i shook my head, silver eyes finally lighting up as I looked at them both.

I stood there, in my flight suit, head shaking as I laughed with them for a few more minutes, then we finally said our goodbyes, “come back anytime Commander Filina, you are always welcome here in Battuta City” they called out as I started to board my ship.

Closing the hatch, I set my things back in the bunk area and moved to the flight deck. Staring at the cockpit, I just chuckle.,

“Me, a commander, wouldn’t my father get a kick out of this”

I laughed to myself as I finally took the seat and pulled out my log book. I still liked writing things down, and kept it in a fire proof box next to my chair, in case, well.

“I wish he was here” I whispered as I started writing down the mornings events, then put it back, and set the digital lock.

Turning to my right, I pulled up the maps after checking for any messages, and just stared at the way points…

“So, Dad, where too today?”


7-MAY-3303 – THIANA SYSTEM – Captains Log (7/05/3303 16:70, Thiana System)

I just woke and my head hurts. What a night. Seems unexpected surprises are in my foreseeable future, or at least that is how it seems. The last 24 hours have been nothing short of head scratching.

I landed in the Thiana system last night, after a bit of exploring, found nothing. After letting the ground crew take over the ship, I headed to the captains lounge and sat down on the far side, I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself.

A tall lady walked over, the waitress, her expression was welcome as she smiled at me.

“What will you have?” She asks, keeping her voice low as it seemed she could sense that I wanted some quiet.

“Just some coffee please”

“Sure thing, you sure you don’t want something to eat?”

I looked up at her and thought for a moment, “Yeah I better eat something” I said as I looked over at the small blue screen to my left. It told me what the daily specials were, with some other touch buttons for breakfast, lunch and dinner items. I sighed as I watched the daily special scroll over the screen, finally looking back up at her, “the special looks good, just bring me that” I said.

“You got it, coming right up” she said in a cheery voice, then walked quickly off to get my coffee and turn in the order.

I looked about the small lounge, taking note of the different Commanders, listening in on a few conversations as some were sitting close by. A rowdy bunch was in the corner, talking about some trading they had been doing, one just came back from some passenger missions as well, seems he made a ton of money in a system called Quince.

Rubbing my face, I leaned back in the booth and pulled out my log book and started to write.

Taking a deep breath, I looked I flipped through the pages, smiling a little at all the systems I had been too. It didn’t seem I had been traveling that much, but time gets lost on one in space. I ran my finger over the pages, then flipped to the next journal entry when I saw a shadow appear next to me. Slowly looking up, I saw a tall man, dark hair, full beard standing by my booth.

Cocking my head to the side a little, I stared at him as he looked down at me, then he smiled as he lifted a single brow.

‘Hi there, I am Commander WhiteDog, what brings you to this part of the galaxy” he asks with a toothy grin as he leaned on the booth.

“Just traveling” I responded in a slightly dismissive tone, of which he didn’t take the hint.

“Traveling huh?” he asks, then with a boldness, sits in the seat across from me.

Shaking my head, brow furrowed slightly, then looked up as the waitress came back with my coffee. “Commander, what you bothering this lady for, I swear everyone who comes in here, you just have to find out what they are doing” she says as she sets the cup in front of me and gives me a wink.

I felt a little more at ease seeing the woman knew him, I guess he was a regular about these parts.

“What do you mean, just trying to be friendly” he laughs as he looks back at me.

I grabbed some sugar and a spoon, seems the little things have not changed much since we colonized the galaxies. I remember my mother showing me old vintage films made back in the early 2000’s. Yep, some things just don’t change.

“Be nice to her, don’t me messing with my customers” she jokes with him, punching his shoulder playfully, “your food will be right up” she says, then walks off, head shaking as she lets out another chuckle.

“So, what’s a girl like you, doing in a galaxy like this” he says with a jovial laugh, tossing his head back some.

“That’s funny” I said, finally smiling. “Like I said, just traveling, vacation of sorts” I wasn’t about to tell him about my past, he didn’t need to know, no one needed to know to be honest, nor did they need to know what I did for work, it might raise suspicion in some of these smaller cities.

“I saw you fly in” he finally said, seemingly getting down to whatever business he had intended when he walked up, “how you making out with that little ship?”

“It’s ok, gets me from point A to Point B, not like I am traversing across the galaxy” I replied back.

“Why are you here?” I ask as I stirred my coffee, setting the spoon down to the side, then took a drink.

“Just running some trading missions, got a load of Palladium I am offloading, more than I need to be honest” he said, then cocked his head as she looked at me.

“You know, I could help you out, I mean, that ship is only going to get you so far” he said with a slight grin, “of course nothing is for free”

I scowled at him a bit, shaking my head, “Well, I am not in the habit of owing people, doesn’t make for good business” I said, taking another sip of my coffee.

“Oh, no worries, I mean, you won’t owe me anything, I meant, it will be some work on your part, I mean, you don’t want to keep flying around in that do you?” he laughs.

“Hey, there is nothing wrong with that ship, she is just fine, and she is mine, bought and paid for, with hard work” I responded in a defensive tone.

Oh I am sure, but really, seriously, I can help you out, listen, I am a merchant for the Empire, and I have a good feeling about you. I need some company on some trade routes I have to finish up, and to be honest it would be nice to have the company. In return, I will give you some of my load, you can sell it and have some extra credits towards a new ship, now that isn’t so hard is it?” he asks, a brow lifting as he flashes a toothy grin my way.

I sat in silence, drinking my coffee for a few long minutes, the waitress bring my breakfast while I stared at him and thought.

She leans in and whispers something in my ear, causing me to chuckle, “he is safe, don’t worry” she says, then looks at me and winks before walking off. I look back at him and found myself nodding as I picked up the fork and dug into the hash browns, mixing them with my eggs.

“ok, sure, not like I have anywhere to be” I said then took a bite of my food, head still shaking.

What was I thinking when I said yes to the man, I didn’t know him, he could have been a rapist or murderer for all I knew, the waitress helping him. Space is an unforgiving place and I knew I should be leery of strangers, but something inside told me that he could be trusted.

Looking at his uniform, I saw he was not just a simple pilot, and well I took a chance.

Sure enough, it paid off. After finishing my breakfast and coffee, we took off and finished up some deliveries he had, after that, he said he had some Paladium to spare, which caused my brow to lift a little, but who was I to turn down a hand out.

I landed in Gemar Horizons Station and loaded up my ship with limpets and head out about 10 kilometers and sat there for what seemed like hours. Back and forth from the station, I loaded and sold, making a nice profit and raising my status as a trader, as well as my status with the station.

After we were done, we said our goodbyes.

Funny how life works sometimes, I thought as I shook my head, sitting back in the same lounge, writing this all down, I mean, one moment you are having coffee, the next flying around with some Commander from the Empire.

I am not sure if I will see the man again, but if I do, I will have to be sure to thank him.. not that I ever had anything he really wanted.

Time to get some sleep, tomorrow will be a big day.

Commander Filina, signing off… for now


14-MAY-3303 – LTT 377 SYSTEM

It’s been a long few days and I have not had time to update my logs till now.

I got a notice from one of the landing crew back at the Thiana System that said some supplies needed to be delivered for the Canonn Interstellar Research Group. I looked it over and it seemed legitimate to me, so I joined up and headed over the night before.

Something about doing good for a cause, it feels good, and better than tracking down cheating partners.

For the last 24 hours I have been doing nothing but hauling Indium back and forth from Freud Port in the LHS 1067 System to Zoline Port in the LTT 377 System. Thank the stars for interstellar radio, I think I would have gone crazy without it. I have not talked to anyone except the port authorities, who, are not bad, but, I am sure we are both tired of each other by now.

After a few runs, well more than a few, I have landed back in Zoline. Didn’t do to bad, still waiting on the rewards for helping, but they should go far to gearing up for some exploration trips.

This hauling is tiresome, time to get back out in the system and get back to my vacation. Good new is for doing all this work, seems I have made some allies in the area as well as I was notified that the Federation has ranked me as a merchant. Me, a merchant.

“I guess there could be worse things” I whisper to myself as I look at the notice that came in.

Shaking my head, I put my logbook away and finally shut everything down and stand from my seat.

Taking a deep breath, my body creeks as I stretch, eyes closing gently as I rub the back of my neck. After a few moments, I look back out the large windows at the hanger, smiling as I see the ground crew heading out, then turn and step down towards the doors behind me.

“Crap, I don’t even know where the bunk is in the heap” I say as the doors slide open to the long hallway of the Type 6 Transport.

“Well” I say as I just laugh and start walking, opening doors as I pass them, “It has to be around here somewhere”

Commander Filina Mirutu, signing off.



Sitting here currently at Ray Gateway, I just handed over 18 million credits to the livery and ships crew to outfit a new exploration ship.

It has been over a month since I have made any entries, the grind has been long and hard, but I have finally made enough credits for a ship I have had my eye on.

Standing on the tarmac, I am watching them outfit it now, a grin on my face from ear to ear as they put the final touches on it, my name and my new rank, The Mirutu III and Rank of Explorer Pathfinder. I am almost brought to tears to be honest.

“She is about done Commander, is there anything else?” the mechanic says as he walks up to me, a large man, brown hair, blue eyes, and a grin as wide as mine.

“No, I think that will be it, for now” I tell him as I stand there in awe at the massive size compared to my Cobra. “Oh, please make sure my Cobra stays safe, I will be back in a few months, I am heading out to Sagittarius system, it is time for that long needed vacation I planned a few months back, before I got rangled into working”

We both laughed as we knew how the grind could be, and then he puts out his hand to shake mine, “It has been a pleasure doing business with you Commander Filina, you know, we heard about how you helped Cannon, and well, there is a surprise on the ship, they commissioned a new decal and I got word from the Zoline Station.. seems you are well liked and..”

I took the mans hand and shook it with conviction and gratitude as I shook my head, “I am only doing what is being put in front of me, really, it is no big deal, but thank you, your kindness and the others, well, thank you”

I looked him in the eyes, trying to blink back the tears, turning my head to look back up at my new Asp Explorer. She was not the prettiest of ships, but she was mine and would now allow me to start exploring outside of the bubble.

Taking a deep breath, I turned back to him after shaking his hand and chuckled, “Take good care of Mirutu II for me, she means a lot, she has gotten me this far” I grinned.

“Absolutely Commander, I will clean her up and put her in storage, I know the perfect place to keep her for you.”

“Thanks” I say as I start to move to the stairs. Gripping the rails I look back and wave my hand, “take care and see you in a few months, hopefully”

“Fly safe, Commander and may the stars light your way!” he calls out with a wave of his large hand.

Waving back, I then look back towards the stairs, and climb them slowly. Looking about the massive ship, I take note of all the cabins and supplies, then make my way to the cockpit. Looking about, another grin creeps upon my lips as I run my hand over the back of the seat, then take my place at the helm.

“I wonder if.. of course he did” I say to myself then call up my AI, “Astra?”

“Yes Commander”

I smile as I hear her name and grab the seatbelts and buckles myself in, “get the ship ready for launch”

“yes Commander, running pre-flight checks now”

Taking another deep breath I look around and then I see it, the small Coriolis on the dashboard, the modern day version of the bobble heads from back in the day, my father would have laughed at me, and the thought almost brings tears to my eyes again.

“For you Dad” I say out loud giving it a salute, then hear the engines start as Astra gets the ship ready for launch.

“Where to commander?”

“Plot a route for Sagittarius A, Astra”

“yes, Commander” she says in her computerized voice and before I know it the map is up. Watching her plot the route still amazes me, I mean AI is the norm these days, but the technology never ceases to amaze me.

“I have the route plotted Commander, 26,000 Light years till we reach the destination”

“wow” i say out loud as I look at the map, “that is a very long way”

“yes Commander, and if I may suggest, you might want to make sure you are stocked up on some libations, I think you will need it out there in the black”

Laughing I look the control panel as she closes the map and just shake my head, “You have read my mind, again, Astra, I got that covered”

“Yes, Commander, very good, shall I launch the ship?”

“Yes, Astra” I say then pull up the communications panel and start recording.

” Commanders Log FIlinia Mirutu (12:10 25/06/3303) Diaguandri – Ray Gateway”

“I am currently at Ray Gateway in Diaguandri and heading out to The Sagittarius System. The next recordings will be of my journey and travels. If you find this recording, it means something has happened to me, but know, please, it was worth every jump and every system discovery. This journey is in memory of my father, Commander Ray Mirutu, A great Starship Captain.”

“Please send a message to Technician Mark Strand at Ray Gateway to retire my ships, he will know what to do.”

“Commander Filina, signing off”



Well it seems I am back in the bubble again, not by choice. I got called back to do a mission from one of the techs at Ray Gateway, I really wanted to get out and go on that vacation. I could not pass it up though and it doesn’t hurt to have more credits, even if I will be out in the black.

However, it seems the fates brought me back for a different reason.

Currently, I am sitting in the Lagrange Hub, the ground mechanics are getting my ship ready for flight again. I am still in shock at what just happened. Taking a sip of the glass of whiskey, I am still staring at the communications panel, listening to the audio over and over again.

I always record anything that comes in, can’t take any chances out here, I learned that being in business for myself, when you are tracking someone, well, every bit helps.

However, this.. I did not expect.

I was contacted by a man named Commander James Barrett. He told me I was one of the top five most wanted in the Arbuda System. Seems the Arbuda Gold Brothers have put a private bounty on my head.

I played it over again, still not believing it.

“Eh, lass.. you must have made a lot of mess there, to put it mildly. Without getting into too much details.. I am not a big friend of those bastards running this place, OK? Arbuda Gold Brothers.,And I think it is you who should tell me why the hell your name is in the top 5 most wanted list for that faction”

Taking another sip I replay it again… “top 5 most wanted list for that faction”

Turns out that mission I took awhile back, was not one of my brightest ideas. I was told to go an outpost, turned out it was a slave trade outpost and meet a woman there.

Rubbing my face with my hand, I tap the glass on the console as I lean forward, a heavy sigh leaving my chest, replaying that night over and over again. We met inside this little bar, the “Shaky Ranger” cantina. I was not unfamiliar with such places, I had been to many in my day, chasing down cheating husbands, and this place was not unlike any other I had been too. However, the atmosphere outside, had me more than nervous.

Sitting inside, I waited for the lady I was suppose to meet. Hearing the door slide open, I remember looking over, seeing a tall statuesque woman walk in. However, after learning of her status, I was shocked to see how she was dressed. She wore a plain commanders flight suite, nothing special, black. Her hair was blond and pulled up in a bun. She carried no weapons, but I suppose she didn’t need them, seeing the two men that came in with her that stood by the door as she walked towards me.

She proceeded to tell me why I was there, and what my mission was. Seems some pirates had captured her daughter and put her up for sale on the slave market.

As I remember her story, my blood boiled once again; seems these slaves traders were notorious for capturing the elites and selling them, however, her plan sounded feasible.

She transferred ten million in credits, told me to bid on slave number 76, then take her to the Praea Euq XQ-U c16-1 ABC 4 e,.

The mission actually went off easier than I thought… they took me for quite a bit of money, however, but naivety is a strong suite, when played well.

She met me there after a few days and I have to say, it warmed my heart to reunite this woman with her daughter, but I still don’t know why I had to buy her, but now, now, maybe I know why.

Taking another sip of the whiskey I fast forward the transmission and listen quietly.

“But you must have freed someone very important to them. Fair play to you!”

“Fair Play, yeah” I whisper as I rewind it and listen again.

I have to say, if I had known it would put me on the top 5 most wanted list by this faction, well…who am I kidding, I would have still taken it.

Sighing heavily, I lift the glass to my lips, pressing the rim gently against them, holding it there for a moment as I think about all that has transpired in the last 24 hours.

Listening to the transmission again, this time all the way through, I think about what he said. I asked him what he thought I should do and boy did he hit a nerve in me when he said I could run and hide, or fight.

But then I play back one part that I admit, has me a little more than curious after I lied to him and told him I am not a fighter..

“Sometimes you have to be. Listen, I have quite powerful friends. Perhaps I could talk them to help me with really hitting Arbuda Gold Brothers where it really hurts.


“yes Commander?”

Laughing out loud I look up as I lean back and take another sip, setting the glass down on the arm of my chair, “Astra, really, you are always trying to read my mind”

“Commander, if I may, I would like to tell you something”

“What is it Astra?”

“I have done a scan on the transmission from Commander James Barret, his ship is docked in the Arbuda system, however, I have also scanned all systems for bounties and I do not find your name in any of the lists”

Brows furrowing, I take a deep breath, running my hand over my face again, nodding in reply, “well, are you telling me he is not lying then, Astra?”

“He is not lying Commander”

Shaking my head I finally get out of my seat and walk to the large window of my ASP Explorer, looking out at the hanger bay, “so, do you think I should meet up with him, Astra?”

“Commander, after compiling all the date on the man, it seems he is a lot like you, so my analysis, is, Yes.”

I turn back towards the bridge and look about, “well, then, I guess I better get a good nights sleep, do you think I should head back and get the Cobra?”

“Yes, Commander, it is more agile than the ASP Explorer and is better equipped should we run into any hostile entities”

“Okay, shut down systems but turn on the alarms, I don’t want anyone sneaking on the ship… we will leave first thing when I wake”

“Yes, Commander, as you wish”

“I really was looking forward to this vacation, oh and , Astra, he used the word “lass” when he referred to me, what does that mean?”

“Lass is a Scottish or Northern English word meaning a girl or young woman. It is based on Old Norse laskura (feminine adjective) ‘unmarried.’

“Interesting, thank you Astra” I chuckle as move towards the door.

“You’re welcome. Commander”

Shaking my head again, I down the last of my drink and head back to my quarters and lay down, staring up at the ceiling for a little bit, then finally close my eyes, whispering to the dark with a heavy sigh.

“I wish you were wrong, Commander James Barrett…I wish you were wrong”

“Commander Barret is not wrong, Commander… goodnight.”

“Goodnight. Astra” i chuckle as I roll over, slipping my hand under my pillow to make sure my laser pistol was there, just in case.


21-AUG-3301 – Personal log.

After hearing of the death of my father, I have decided to take take off into the black. I don’t know when I will be back, but I think the solitude will do me some good right now.

If I am not heard from in a months time, will someone contact Commander Arimus, Tell him I took the route we were planning.

Signing Off…

Commander Filina Mirutu


17-OCT-3303 – BLU THUA AI-A C14-10 SYSTEM – HILLARY DEPOT – Logbook entry:

Looks up at the command center after coming back from from a hot shower and some food. “Astra, contact Commander James Barrett”

“Yes Commander”

[Comms channel open]

Taking a deep breath, I chuckle lightly while drumming my fingers over my chair arm….

“Commander Barret,

I have been out in the black for sometime now. I am sorry I disappeared, I got a message about a loss in the family. I have lost all communications with anyone, which was probably for the best, but I have to admit, it does feel good to be back where there is a little civilization, if anything, the showers are hot and so is the coffee.

I am currently at Hillary Depot, along the Colonia Highway. However, I won’t stay here for long.

I did want to send you a message though at the very least letting you know, I am alive, and ok Commander.”

Commander Filina out.”

[Comms channel closed]


“Yes Commander?”

“Send the message to Commander James Barret, make sure he gets it”

“Right away Commander, message sent, I will monitor the signal as long as I can to insure delivery”

“Thank you”

“You’re Welcome”