CMDR NanoExplorer – Preparing for Cannonball 3

CMDR NanoExplorer – Preparing for Cannonball 3

The third Canonnball run is coming up! I’m sure you all are just as excited as I am. I’ve been spending my free time going through code decryption handbooks and reading old mythology and astrology texts to prepare for Clarion-Z’s insane puzzles. However, it has recently come to my attention that I have bigger problems than solving the puzzles.

As the defending two-time champion, you might expect that I have my detractors, and you would be correct. I recently received a tip-off from a good friend in the private investigation business that a crime ring has started forming a plan to cheat their way to winning the Canonnball this year – a plan that involves copious amounts of violence (mostly directed toward me). This friend can’t tell me any of the specifics, because the crime ring is keeping a pretty tight lid on their plans, as you might imagine.

So in the event of an emergency I need an alternative method of communicating with my friends in the Canonn – one that is secure and doesn’t rely too much on the Canonn Comms Channel, which almost certainly has moles in it. That’s the reason I’ve prepared the following one time pad.(available here) I hope I don’t need to use it, but if I do, the circumstances will be dire. I trust you know how one time pads work.

I’ve also recently been thinking about ways that someone might cheat at the Canonnball, especially the ways that involve me. I guess that the first step would be to eliminate me and reduce  competition. But even then, there are lots of other highly competent Canonneers out there who will then simply secure the prize for themselves. Would they steal the answers from Clarion-Z? That wouldn’t work – they might as well just steal the prizes at that point. And they would only get negative publicity. I suppose if Clarion-Z keeps the answers on a computer they could hack it and gain the answers without his knowledge… But my sources claim their plan relies on violence. So that doesn’t add up… If anyone has any more information or leads about what this crime ring might be up to, or even just a brainstorm of what their plan might be, feel free to PM me on comms.

Well, that’s all for now I guess. I’ll try to stay safe out there, you do the same.

Commander NanoExplorer, over and out.