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Below is an archive of Personal Lore items from Canonn’s history, which include member submitted stories and posts whose factual nature cannot be verified.

For a chronological view of factual events and discoveries, visit the Canonn Timeline in the Lore pages.

Department Head: Redden Alt-Mer

CMDR Larzok – Pilot’s Federation Selling Immortality?

CMDR Filina – Commander’s Logs

CMDR Paul Bendix – Born in Steel Rain

CMDR Guru-951 – Defenders Of Talmor

CMDR Engalo – CX One Pilot Episode

CMDR Seph Iridan – An Introduction

CMDR Gnashes – Stranded in the Void

CMDR Haunted – Elite: The Haunted One

CMDR NanoExplorer – Preparing for Cannonball 3

CMDR Dutch Foster – Tales from the Gnosis Gin Bar: Meeting the ‘Goids

CMDR Alyx Wander – The Canonn Confirmation Crew and the 1st Thargoid Wreck

CMDR Dutch Foster – Tales From the Gnosis Gin Bar: Maiden Voyage

CMDR Adingo – Stranded on the Far Side

CMDR Ranger_50 – My Fight Against the Empire and Contact With Thargoids

Verity Gavroche – Gnosis Inaugural Flight

CMDR Engalo – Guardians (Part 13)

Cmdr Engalo – Wheel of Shadows (Part 12)

Cmdr Dutch Foster – Veil West Nebula Celebration

Cmdr Stoyben XI – Tales of a Wandering Bard

Cmdr Engalo – A Dark Wheel In The Night (Part 11)

Cmdr Engalo – The Blue Mansion (Part 10)

Cmdr Engalo – The Black Abyss (Part 9)

Cmdr Engalo – The Artefact (Part 8)

Cmdr BowentheKotoc – Rescuing Commander Shannon Day

Cmdr Engalo – Delivery (Part 7)

Cmdr Engalo – A New Friend (Part 6)

Cmdr Engalo – Serebrov Terminal (Part 5)

Cmdr L – Navy Life (Death Optional)

Cmdr Engalo – Full Power to Engines (Part 4)

Cmdr L – And Life Gets Serious(er)

Cmdr L – Life, Don’t Talk To Me About Life

Cmdr L – More… (Well Just More In Fact)

Cmdr L – Patience, The Key To A Quiet Life

Cmdr L – Life, Sometimes Dangerous, Never Dull

Cmdr Engalo – The Dark Wheel (Part 3)

Cmdr L – Same Life, Different Day

Cmdr L – A Day In The Life

Cmdr Engalo – Anaconda (Part 2)

Cmdr Engalo – Intro (Part 1)