Galactic Bugle Article 14: Look into Justicar’s of Helios

Galactic Bugle Article 14: Look into Justicar’s of Helios

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Big Thank you to CMDR Placyde for the Cover Photo!

Welcome to the 14th Edition of the Galactic Bugle! This week is a special report on the Justicar’s of Helios, a rather exclusive but really nice group of pilots.

What is the Justicar’s?

The Justicar’s of Helios are a small, but exclusive player group based out of 27 Kappa Persei. Unlike other factions of pilots, the Justicar’s don’t really have a dedicated goal, purpose, or rules. The group is mainly focussed and centred around ensuring all their pilots can be in communications with one another, and focus on their pilots having fun and enjoying themselves, rather than focussing on the galaxy or the parts they control in it. The Justicar’s host their own events and organize meetings around the bubble and galaxy where they can meet up, mess around, and all around have a good time with one another. All group members also have a sense of brutal honesty and self-degradation, with one of their main thoughts being “We’re not particularly good at anything, and we occasionally get things done” though if their territory or stations come under attack, the Justicar’s will spring into action, defending their territory and ensuring it’s safe for all their pilots who reside within.

Background of the JoH

This player group originally started meeting up together at a station, the founding pilots being CMDR Flower, CMDR Winston, and CMDR Doc, who formed the group in a bar one day, having met and been friends since before they got their pilots licenses. Since then they started recruitment, asking fellow pilots around the bubble as they met and travelled, all before settling down in their home system of 27 Kappa Persei. Since settling down they have recruited close to 100 members, and have a subsidiary faction named “High King Mojo’s Techno Union” located in a system close to their home system of 27 Kappa Persei.,and have been helping each other out for a while.

Imperial Senator Assassinated

Late last week a higher-up in the Empire had been assassinated by an unknown assailant in his home in Achenar. Many details are still unknown about this assassination, but it has been confirmed that the Imperial Senator: Senator Nestor Cartesius, was murdered for his family’s involvement with INRA, which Nestor has no connection to. This conclusion was drawn up after discovery of a note, reading “For Jameson” was found on his corpse, suggesting that Nestor was murdered to avenge the death of CMDR John Jameson.

Ads and Recruitment

Interested in having fun with pilots across the galaxy? Want to be a part of a community of a group of fun-having, sunpraising friends? Come on in, and join the Justicar’s today! Fun, hilarity, and goofiness guaranteed!

Bugle Submissions:

I’m encouraging any pilots to send in their stories for a chance to be featured in the upcoming Bugle articles! Stories can range from reports, news, to even interesting personal journal entries. To any CMDR interested in submitting a story to be featured in the Bugle, please send your written story as you’d like it in the Bugle, alongside your CMDR name to me personally, and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance to everyone who submits a story to the Galactic Bugle.

If anyone has any feedback about the Bugle or any suggestions for sections or events to report on, I would love to hear it. Thank you to all of my weekly readers for supporting and taking the time to read my articles at the end of each week.

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