Galactic Bugle Article 15: State of The Bubble

Galactic Bugle Article 15: State of The Bubble

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Welcome to the 15th article of the Galactic Bugle. This week will be an update on the Eagle Eye satellites, some small notes I’ve noticed about the on the morale and state of the bubble, and a summary of this and last week’s events.

Eagle Eye Satellite Report

Last week was a worrying week with the Eagle Eye Reports, with all six satellites giving out systems that were all human populated. This was either a huge error by the satellites, or a decoy by the Thargoids, as only one system has received station damage. This week the Eagle Eye satellites are pointing towards Spocs 253, Trocnades, Alnat, and HIP 15329.

Do keep in mind pilots, that these experimental satellites are extremely inaccurate, and to take these readings with a grain of salt

The State of The Bubble

The state of the human bubble has been gradually worsening in recent times. There has been a small but steady increase in the amount of famine and outbreak systems appearing around the bubble in recent weeks, as well as market prices for goods are still at a high buy price, but a low sell price. Morale of the civilians in the bubble has been worsening in recent times, as a number of riots and civil unrests have been reported in various systems around the bubble, all to make matters worse with the assassination of Imperial Senator Nestor Cartesius last week.

Morale about the Second Thargoid-Human war is falling slowly as well. With the light of hope dimming and fading from many civilian and pilot minds alike. The Thargoids are slowly making their way through the Human Bubble, and have reached 100ly from Sol in their recent attacks. This closing distance has lead to the disheartening of many pilots who originally sought to protect their families and the human race alike, and their feeling and motivation to fight rapidly decreasing. For some pilots on the other hand, the closing distance to Sol has ignited a spark of resistance, and have taken arms against the Thargoids.

The Rarest Party of 3304 Late this week an Imperial faction in the Vadimo system have placed a request to the Pilot’s Federation for a large amount of rare foods and alcohol in an appeal to put aside everyone’s differences, forget your worries and the Thargoids for a night, and have a night of partying and fun. For pilots interested in helping the faction gather their materials, here is a summary of where to find which goods.

Witchhaul Kobe Beef – Witchhaul System: Horby Terminal(Large Pad)

Geawen Dance Dust – Gaewen System: Obruchev Legacy(Medium Pad)

Bast Snake Gin – Bast System: Hart Station(Large Pad)

**Ads and Recruitment**

Wanted: Dead or Alive:

Name: CMDR AssertiveCrust

Value: 300,000Cr

Last Known Location: Lidpar

Bugle Submissions: I’m encouraging any pilots to send in their stories for a chance to be featured in the upcoming Bugle articles! Stories can range from reports, news, to even interesting personal journal entries. To any CMDR interested in submitting a story to be featured in the Bugle, please send your written story as you’d like it in the Bugle, alongside your CMDR name to me personally, and I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you in advance to everyone who submits a story to the Galactic Bulge.

If anyone has any feedback about the Bugle or any suggestions for sections or events to report on, I would love to hear it. Thank you to all of my weekly readers for supporting and taking the time to read my articles at the end of each week.

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