New sightings of mysterious military ships in Nommai

New sightings of mysterious military ships in Nommai


Reports of a private military outfit operating in the Pleiades, that is apparently unconnected to the Federation, Empire, or Alliance, continue to reach the Canonn Research Group.

The pilots of the ships are unnamed, and instead identified by a code beginning with SVI- and followed by a sequence of numbers and letters. Their ships carry various names, but always a ship ID beginning SV- and followed by a sequence of numbers and letters. Wings of these ships appear to go under the callsign “Black Flight.”

Ships so far identified as flown by this outfit include Anacondas, and Diamondback Explorers.

Locations that they have been seen so far are:

Any new sightings of these ships should be reported immediately.

Commanders are warned that the combat rating of these pilots is usually high, and that they are often hostile to other ships on sight.

The name or identity of this outfit is unknown; they have a definite interest in Thargoid sites, and appear to be operating in connection with the Overlook megaship we believe to be in the permit locked HIP 22460 system. Is this a reformed, or never disbanded, INRA as some scientists believe? Perhaps it’s related to the mysterious Dark Wheel group within the Pilots Federation. Or perhaps it’s a new outfit entirely unknown to us.

It is possible that this is the same group referred to by Rebecca in the Teorge Listening Posts, which would also mean that they are behind The Zurara and Dynasty mission that founded the Formidine Rift, Hawkins Gap, and Conflux sites.

It is possible, but also unknown whether, there is any connection to the Diamondback Explorer with the similar, but not identical, ID “S6: 7” that was reported outside Obsidian Orbital in Jan 3302.

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