Orion University Vs The Scrivener Clan

Orion University Vs The Scrivener Clan


Our scientific community is deeply divided over the plight of the Scrivener Clan that is currently fighting a legal challenge from the Orion University over the Dredger they have called their home for centuries. The argument over whether the dredger is University property or legal salvage is one which may no doubt be fought in the court of law for decades to come and we hope can be resolved amicably without any resort to violence.

We do understand that the University is in part motivated by the desire to obtain the knowledge core that has been maintained by the scriveners. As an organisation that values independence, openness and freedom of information above all, Canonn would urge the Scriveners to make the data core publicly available for scrutiny and the benefit of mankind. In doing so it may well dent the University’s appetite for eviction.

While Canonn maintain a strict policy of neutrality, we feel that in the best interests of the Galaxy and scientific endeavor, we need to help resolve this conflict.

Canonn are prepared to mediate between Orion University and the Scriveners. 

We have offered to pay a fair price to the University for the Dredger which we will gift to the Scriveners and provide safe passage in Canonn controlled space. If this is not acceptable to the university then we offer to re-house the Scrivener clan and their data core in a newly commissioned dredger. 

In return for our assistance we would like to create a back-up copy of the data core to preserve the Scrivener’s cultural heritage. This backup will be stored at Canonn Institute where it will be made available for all humanity.

Until the legal situation is resolved in one way or another we have authorised our pilots to use force if necessary to prevent any attacks against either side. 

Cover image supplied by CMDR Darwin

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