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In here you’ll find reference material on us, the Elite Dangerous universe, UAs, Barnacles, Biscuits and much much more.

It’s a user guide for this site, for life as a commander, and as a scientist in the Canonn.

So get your tea/coffee/whisky, crack open the biscuits (possibly not if you’re drinking whisky) and get learning!

Credits: Commander Engalo

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About Us

Some call us seekers of knowledge. Others refers to us as deranged tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. But only one thing can be known about us for sure, we love a good biscuit. So grab your chocolate bourbons and get reading about us, our ethos and our history.

Join the Canonn

So you've read about us, and now you want to join the best scientific research group in the galaxy? You've come to the right place!


All our science goes here (UAs, Barnacles etc)

Canonn Lore

Canonn Lore made by Canonneers and the Canonn in the Elite Universe ...


General Exploration Are you an explorer? Looking for things to help you out? This section should help with that :) RESOURCES Software: EDDiscovery EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map Captain's Log Planets: A Prospector's Guide to the Galaxy (FD …


Running this site, and the various other activities of the Canonn, incurs costs (and we're not talking biscuits!). Any funds you are able to spare us will be greatly appreciated; and will only be used to keep the lights on and for prizes etc. The Canonn will never make a profit out of its members, Donating is completely optional, and we appreciate every single penny we receive.

Website Terms and FAQ

A non-RP description of the site, what it's for, and our use of your information (hint - we don't use your information :) )