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Koli Discii Crashed Ship

A wrecked Anaconda crashed nose-first into the moon Koli Discii C 6 a at 28.5777, 7.2193, scattering its cargo behind it. From the contents of the wreckage, which includes Brewer…

Expedition Vessel Odysseus

Expedition Vessel Odysseus is an abandoned ship on Alshat A 6 b at 24.2493, -29.0171. An audible mayday call can be heard at the site: Mayday, Mayday, we’ve survived a…

Unregistered Derelict

A derelict Anaconda which has been converted into a settlement, and then abandoned can be found on HR 5906 AB 2 a at 6.9201, -102.4340. Around the derelict there are four Settlement Comms…