Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 7: 100 % Canonn Beer

Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 7: 100 % Canonn Beer

Faction BGS

7.1 34 Omicron Cephei

  • System with only Canonn Minor Faction present

34 Omicron Cephei is a giant star with more than 10 times solar radius, which can be seen with the naked eye from earth.

It is also an extraordinary system, where only Canonn and no other faction is present.

It’s the only not hand placed system known where that is the case. It requires the retreat of 3 factions or more at the same exact time.

Here you’ll often meet Canonn Pirates attacking Canonn Traders, while Canonn system security drops in to stop the former. All while chatting over some galactic mystery of course. I see it all! 

7.1.1 Wilson Port (A 2 a – 1063 ls)

Wilson Port is a surface settlement without any tower.  Its Mission Board always displays the maximum number of missions for any single faction – in this case solely Canonn.

Don’t forget to refuel, as we are jumping almost 70 ly and have a long supercruise in front of us.

  • jump 69.01 ly to Haiden

7.2 Haiden

  • Furthest System from Varati
  • Furthest Station from entry
  • Rare: Haidne Black Brew

At the time of writing, Haiden is the Canonn controlled system furthest from Varati – 106 Ly. 

Searfoss Enterprise is with 562470 ls the most distant canonn controlled station from entry. And it has a Rare Commodity: Haidne Black Brew. Expanding to Haiden was as a game of opportunity turned crazy by a lot of Canoneers. While you are trecking out, be aware that Haidne Black Brew is no beer. 

7.2.1 Searfoss Enterprise (B 7 – 562470 ls)

Check out the commodity description of Haidne Black Brew before consuming.

With a stash of Haidne Black Brew we’ll return to Thompson Dock, Varati. While Rare Goods increase their sell price up to 150 ly distance, it should still sell profitable at 106.

  • buy Haidne Black Brew

If you want to get a feeling for how remote Varati was before Guardian Frameshiftdrive Boosters, Engineering 2.0, Ship- and Module Transfer and Engineering 1.0… – you can use the following route a Multipurpose-Python would have taken with an empty cargo hold – jumprange of 19,74 ly, 7 jumps Haiden – Varati: 

  • Haiden
  • Krinda
  • Col 285 Sector XF-N c7-15
  • Col 285 Sector OK-C b14-4
  • Col 285 Sector VK-N c7-6
  • Col 285 Sector KU-C b14-5
  • HIP 101814
  • Varati

And while you are at it think a moment about the commanders flying combat FAS or FDLs out there from the closest Li-Yong-Rui System, to win Forsskal Hub for Science….

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