Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 0: What to know and what to bring

Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 0: What to know and what to bring

Faction BGS

0.1 What’s this?

What is “Canonn Space on the Fly”?

It is a route travelling through “Canonn Space” – those systems controlled by Canonn Minor Faction.

It visits… 

  • ALL different types of orbital non-moving horizon-assets (Stations, Installations…)
  • ALL different types of economies present in Canonn Space 
  • types of planetary ports 
  • some RARE or UNIQUE or otherwise noteworthy orbital and planetary POIs
  • many Megaship types. 

The Route was set up on Horizons.

At the time of writing Canonn Minor Faction controls 100 systems, being present in 102. We will travel and trade through 29 of them, look at history and the backgroundsimulation behind it, inspect, wonder and enjoy 70+ different thingies.

How long it will take depends on how many Megaships are on the Route during their current waypoint, and how much you goof around. Something like 12-25 hours game time.

This is primarily for commanders having spend most of their time in the black or being newish, but even commanders who think to have seen it all bubbleside should find one or the other thing they have not encountered before.

After “Canonn Space on the Fly” you will know your bearings around Canonn Space.

There are not many descriptions, and positively no pictures here, so you can experience all for yourself. Experimenting is encouraged.

The titles of each leg of the route are not covering what’s in there – they are there so you remember where to pick up.

0.2 What to know

  • If you can’t see it, FSS. In many cases a Nav Beacon Scan will reveal the targets. In almost all cases a FSS scan of the parenting body will reveal the targets. Only geological POIs need mapping of the body. 
  • Bounty = BA PIN. Fines can be paid under Authority Contact. If you happen to get a Bounty on your ship or head, BA PIN is a system with an Interstellar Factor and Canonn Faction not present quite central in Canonn Space. 
  • Get current Megaship Waypoint by scanning anyones Megaship Ship-log Uplink with your Ships Data Point Scanner. Scan any Megaships Shiplog Uplink for its Itinerary. Current Waypoint is marked with an * Asterisk. This is the waypoint number all Megaships are currently at. Megaships jump every 14 days on Thursday to their next waypoint.

The route notes which Megaships insystem at a waypoint to visit, if any.

0.3 What to bring

  • A medium- or small-pad capable ship
  • Cargo Rack


  • Detailed Surface Scanner for 2 geological POIs
  • Supercruise Assist for longer supercruises
  • Manifest Scanner for checking out Cargo of Installations and Megaships (or Traders and Smugglers)
  • Class 3C Multi Limpet Operations Controller for interacting with Installations and Megaships, or Recon- and Hatchbreaker Limpet controller
  • Planetary Vehicle Hangar for SRV shenanigans (can also be purchased at the ports en route)
  • Safety Fuelscoop

If you have any questions or want to share your experience, ping me on Canonns Discord server @goemon in #chat_minor_faction. I have notifications for that, while I don’t have any for DMs.

If you make some cool shots during this route, share them on Canonn Discord in channel #nice_asp with #canonnspace and ping me as well.


0.4 Addendum (You can safely skip this): History of Varati before the Canonn

While some is known about the history of Canonn before Varati, much less is publicly known on Varati before the Canonn.

Varati was submitted to a list of Safe Harbours for Explorers by this very commander on July, 9th 2015. The main reason was Bond Hub close to entry providing outfitting to fit a bubble-shield.

Varati was also used by CMDR Macros on his “Quest To Find Raxxla”, taking advantage of Varati not having any systems in standard mission range before Horizons to study the missions believed to be related to The Dark Wheel.

With the rise of long-range Missions some commanders – most notable CMDR 777Driver – used it for long-distance trading missions.

Varati was also used as a hub for testing influence effects of actions in the Background Simulation. Most early testing systems are now controlled by Canonn. The first test of influence effects of Bounty Hunting happened in Cauan Tzu – back then a rare 2-Factions-only System. The first Trade and Smuggling test was conducted in Popon. The first test of Fines and Bounties happened in Can Nik.

From the list of Safe Harbours Canonn picked Varati as an option to call it home of science. I wasn’t involved with anything of what was to become The Canonn back then – and in fact I’m here only as a Native of Varati. If you can’t beat them, hug them… 

And now without further ado – let’s start “Canonn Space on the Fly”.

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