Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 4: Where we repair Federation Cap Ships with Guardian Tech

Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 4: Where we repair Federation Cap Ships with Guardian Tech

Faction BGS

4.1. Sekenks

  • Planetary Port
  • Economy: Colony
  • Megaships: WP 3 + 5
  • Federal Cap Ship Dock
  • Military Installation

4.1.1 Sagan’s Progress: Planetary Port (A 1 – 76 ls)

4.1.2 Economy: Colony

Sagan’s Progress is one of the Planetary Ports – those ringed planetary fortresses. It’s a colony economy, depending on imports, exporting only Hydrogen Fuel and Biowaste. We sell any Cargo we purchased. Buy a SRV hangar to race the tracks inside the ring.

4.1.3 WP 3 + 5: Megaships (A 1 – 76 ls)

During Waypoint 3 and 5 there is a Hercules-class Hauler to visit.

4.1.4 Federal Cap Ship: Federal Cap Ship Dock (A 1 – 76 ls)

There is always one or the other Federal Cap Ship on repair in this Capital Ship Dock. The asset is hardcoded to be controlled by a local federal faction.

4.1.5 Omega Battalion Encampment: Military Installation (A 3 – 191 ls)

Military Installations have a rather extended Trespass Zone and Maintenance Hatches you could use to break into to get its rare Cargo.

  • jump 16,21 ly to Njoere

4.2 Njoere

  • Extraction Economy
  • Megaships: WP 1, 3, 5
  • Closest Planetary Assets
  • Goverment Installation

4.2.1 Cleave Station: Extraction Economy

Cleave Station is a L-Pad single-economy Extraction economy. The system itself has many rings, hotspots and RES, albeit no pristine metallic ring. Fill your cargo hold with Silver, Gold, Palladium, Bertrandite…

  • buy Silver

4.2.2 WP 1, 3, 5: Megaships

During Waypoint 1 there is a Hogan-class, and during Waypoint 3 and 5 there is a Banner-class Hauler to visit in system.

4.2.3 Nehsi Laboratory: Closest Planetary Assets (6 c – 1320,60 ls)

From Nehsi Laboratory it is only 115 km to Tyson Penal Colony – a SRV drive of around 90 minutes, much quicker with a ship. It’s the closest distance between 2 planetside Assets in Canonn Space. You can purchase a SRV hangar here – only see your ship is still powered, so it can pick you up later.

4.2.4 Galactic Immigration Agency: Goverment Installation (7 b – 1330,66 ls)

The Goverment Installation Galactic Immigration Agency is around body 7b.

  • jump 20,31 ly to Bactrimpox

4.3. Bactrimpox

  • Encoded Material Trader
  • Guardian Technology Broker
  • Megaships: WP 2 + 4
  • Closest Planetary Ports

4.3.1 Coney Enterprise: Encoded Material Trader (B 1 – 270,37 ls)

4.3.2 Guardian Tech Broker

Coney Enterprise is a High Tech and Refinery Economy with an Encoded Material Trader and the only Guardian Tech Broker in Canonn Space. Bonnie Rodgers is your friend to get your Frameshift-Drive Boosters and such. We’ll sell our Metals, and buy Landenrichment Systems.

With ~55 ly distance to Varati Coney Enterprise was the closest station to outfit an A-Grade Combat Viper pre shiptransfer and engineering.

  • sell Silver
  • buy Landenrichment Systems

4.3.3 WP 2 + 4: Megaships

During Waypoint 2 there is a Hercules-class Hauler to visit close by, during Waypoint 4 a Dionysus-class Cropper further into the system.

4.3.4 Tevis Port: Closest Planetary Ports (B 1 – 270,37 ls)

Tevis Port and Weber Plant are the two Planetary Ports closest to each other in Canonn Space. If they wouldn’t be having the same economy and wouldn’t be controlled by the same faction, which might change, a SRV trade run between the two would take less than 8 hours. A ship can do this in under 30 minutes in real space. If somebody wants to see for himself that stations are not separate instances there you go.

  • jump 12,37 ly to Gliese 506.2

4.4 Gliese 506.2

  • Noob Hammers
  • Economy: Terraforming
  • Megaships: WP 3-4 + 6

4.4.1 Adams Enterprise: Noob Hammers (5 – 993 ls)

4.4.2 Economy: Terraforming

Adams Enterprise is a Terraforming single economy, terraforming the planet it is orbiting. It has those structures commonly referred to as “Noob Hammer”. Canonn scientists are still trying to figure out their function. Preliminary findings are that the damage they do to approaching ships does not depend on the pilots rank. We’ll sell our Landenrichment systems, but don’t buy anything – as Colony economies, Terraforming does only export Biowaste and Hydrogen Fuel. If you want to do some geyser surfing two steps from here, fit a srv hangar.

  • sell Landenrichment Systems
  • fit SRV Hangar and buy SRV for geyser surfing

4.4.3 WP 3, 4 + 6: Megaships 

During Waypoint 3 there is a Lichfield-class Reformatory in system. During Waypoint 4 a Riker-class Reformatory. During Waypoint 6 an Alcatraz-class Reformatory.

  • jump 44,82 ly to Hun Puggsa
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