Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 6: Listening to the Sound of Pink

Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 6: Listening to the Sound of Pink

Faction BGS

6.1. HIP 111496

  • Megaships: WP 2 + 4
  • Civillian Outpost

6.1.1 WP 2 + 4: Megaships (A 1 – 588,82 ls)

During Waypoint 2 there is an Alcatraz-class Reformatory to visit. During Waypoint 4 a Thomas-class Hauler.

6.1.2 Barsanti Legacy: Civillian Outpost 

Barsanti Legacy is a Civillian Outpost. On one of its sides you can find a double structure for towing larger ships. We’ll sell the Mineral Oil and load up Silver.

  • sell Mineral Oil
  • buy Silver
  • jump 20,66 ly to Krinda

6.2. Krinda

  • Agricultural Installation
  • Megaships: WP 1 + 6
  • Human Technology Broker

6.2.1 Crooked Valley Meadows: Agricultural Installation

The Agricultural Installation Crooked Valley Meadows is directly at the Main Star.

6.2.2 WP 1 + 6: Megaships (B 2 a – 262 ls)

During Waypoint 1 and Waypoint 6 there is a Lowell-class Researcher in system.

6.2.3 Xiaoguan Station: Human Technology Broker (B 4 – 270 ls)

Xiaoguan has the only human Technology Broker in Canonn Space. We will pick up Mineral Extractors.

  • sell Silver
  • buy Mineral Extractors
  • jump 14,16 ly to Kabijao

6.3 Kabijao

  • Comms Installation
  • Megaships: WP 1, 4 + 6

6.3.1 Universal Transmission Satellite: Comms Installation (A 7 a – 616,15 ls)

Kabijao has two Comms Installations, we are heading for Universal Transmission Satellite around A 7 a.

6.3.2 WP 1, 4 +6: Megaships

During Waypoint 1 and 4 there is a Freedom-class Surveyor in system. During Waypoint 6 a Hogan-class Hauler is to visit.

  • jump 31,95 ly to Jarildekald

6.4. Jarildekald

  • Mining Outpost
  • Megaship: WP 2

6.4.1 Reed Stop: Mining Outpost (3 – 156,13 ls)

Reed Stop is a Mining Outpost. After Docking listen a moment to the atmosphere – depending on your audio settings the soundscape has spooked more than one commander. We’ll sell our Mineral Extractors and pick up Tritium.

  • sell Mineral Extractors
  • buy Tritium

6.4.2 WP 2: Megaship (12, 3115 ls)

During Waypoint 2 there is a Bowman Class Researcher in system. 

  • jump 9,45 ly to Suhte

6.5. Suhte

  • Industrial Installation
  • Military Outpost
  • Megaships: WP 1, 3 + 5

6.5.1 Secret Belt Manufacture: Industrial Installation (A – 12,3 ls)

Directly at entry there is the Industrial Installation Secret Belt Manufacture.

6.5.2 Bester Prospect: Military Outpost (B 3 – 5483 ls)

We are trecking out to Bester Prospect. It is a Military Outpost, refurbished to a trading hub under Canonns control, as is its sister outpost Benyovszky Survey. Military Outposts are the rarest type of orbital outposts.

It’s a test piece for every smuggler to get to dock at such an outpost without getting scanned. You can try it without any illegals on board.

Suhte itself had a lot of traffic before fleetcarriers, as it was listed as the closest shipyard to the engineer system Khun (some commanders can’t compare time neded to jump a distance and supercruise time). 

The main station also has a raw material trader. Getting into control at Suhte and triggering further conflicts for the other orbital stations needed some patience and took advantage of bubble-wide events drawing Khun-related-traffic away for some time. 

We’ll sell our Tritium and don’t pick up anything, as we are going to visit a RES-site next system.

  • sell Tritium

6.5.3 WP 1, 3 + 5: Megaships

During Waypoint 1 there is a Riker-class Reformatory in system. During Waypoints 3 and 5 a Bellmarsh-class Reformatory.

  • – jump 22,85 ly to 31 Cephei

6.6 31 Cephei

  • Megaship: WP 4
  • RES around star

6.6.1 WP 4: Megaship

During Waypoint 4 there is a Naphtha-class Tanker in system.

6.6.2 31 Cephei 13: Res around star (3362 ls)

Cephei 13 is an Y-Dwarf with Ressource Extraction sites in its rings. Another exampel can be found in Kashis, which is a bit more lilac and has only a Hazardous and a Low Ressource Extraction Site. If you prefer your hunting grounds lighted with a tint of pink, these Res-sites are just for you.

  • jump 32,42 to 34 Omicron Cephei
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