Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 3: How did the Data-Entry Clerk end at Prison?

Canonn Space on the Fly. Part 3: How did the Data-Entry Clerk end at Prison?

Faction BGS

3.1. Arine

  • Closest Orbital Station from Entry
  • Megaships: WP 1, 3, 5

3.1.1 Boe Dock: Closest Orbital Station from Entry (1 – 5,33 ls)

Boe Dock, another commercial outpost, is the closest orbital station to entry in Canonn Space.

As Faction Progenitor Milani Callahan insists on up-to-date data for planning, Boe Dock is visited often for its station news under Starport Services.

The Station reports are created freshly after docking for states and influence and cover data from all platforms at least older than 1 hour. Check it out.

Canonn Status Summary gives you faction-wide conflict standings, and whether and where it expands from.

The Bounty Report tells you the number of bounties redeemed in system.

The Detailed Traffic Report reports all ships on all platforms jumping into the system in the last 24 hours. The same ship jumping in twice is counted as two ships.

Boe Dock is another example of the Industrial-Extraction economy type. We’ll sell the Onionhead Gamma Strain, but leave empty for the upcoming waypoints. 

Wescott Terminal, Arines main station, is close to entry, too. It has a Manufactured Materials Trader, and due to Arine being very close to the center of Canonn Space and having a shipyard this was where a lot of Canonneers parked their ships before Fleetcarriers. 

  • sell Onionhead Gamma Strain

3.1.2 WP 1, 3, 5: Megaships

During Waypoint 1 there is a Bellmarsh-class Reformatory in system. During Waypoint 3 and 5 there is a Riker-class Reformatory to visit.

  • jump 20,37 ly to Cnephtha

3.2. Cnephtha

  • Megaships: WP 2
  • Minor Ammonia Magma

3.2.1 WP 2: Megaships (3 – 1475 ls)

During Waypoint 2 there is a Sanchez-class Researcher to visit around Cnephtha 3.

3.2.2 Cnephtha 4b: Minor Ammonia Magma

Cnephtha 4 b has Minor Ammonia Magma Volcanism – one of the rarer types.  The planets composition can create peculiar sights: Blue Ice, Red Sand, Greenish Smoke and Hazy.

  • jump 21,21 ly to Yi Trica

3.3. Yi Trica

  • Smallest landable Planet
  • Megaships: WP 1 +3
  • Unauthorised Installation

3.3.1 Yi Trica A 1: Smallest landable Planet (A 1 – 12,85 ls)

If you ever intend a planetary circumnavigation in Canonn Space – Yi Trica A 1 has a radius of only 279 km, so going round once would be only 1753 km. 

The main station Tshang Vision, which orbits it, is the closest orbital L-Pad in Canonn Space, and a high tech/refinery economy. It has an Encoded Material Trader. 

Both orbital outposts in system are of the type Scientific Outpost as is Canonn Institute.

3.3.2 WP 1 +3: Megaships

During Waypoints 1 and 3 there is a Freedom-class Surveyor to visit in system.

3.3.3 Moonlight Fort: Unauthorised Installation (A 11 b – 1063 ls)

Moonlight Fort is one of those Assets which is hardcoded to its faction:  the Unauthorised Installation is run by Cartel of Yi Trica. If you are ever looking for a fight with wings of high-ranked pirates – this is a good place for it. If you have any cargo, you will be attacked. Good job we didn’t pick up any at Arine.

  • jump 31 ly to HIP 54529

3.4 HIP 54529

  • smallest population
  • most remote System

3.4.1 Griffith’s Inheritance (2 – 73 ls)

Only 150 citizen-scientists are living here, in the Canonn controlled system with the largest distance to all others. It’s a Surface Refinery. Buy all Gold, Silver and fill the rest with Surface Stabilisers. The low supply is an effect of the stations small economic size, which is down to the systems small population.

  • buy Gold, Silver, Surface Stabilisers
  • jump 23,62 ly to Lyncis Sector QJ-Q b5-2

3.5 Lyncis Sector QJ-Q b5-2

  • Detention Center

3.5.1 The Blood of Atonement (4 ls)

We are leaving Canonn Space for a jump, to visit the Prison Megaship of  the Independent Prison Foundation. This is where you find yourself after handing yourself in at a Canonn Station, or where you are transfered to if your ship gets destroyed with a Bounty on your head. Better than cleaning the Lama Pens with a Toothbrush, while you have a councilor singing a Lullaby at one air-lock!

  • jump 32.39 ly to Sekenks
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