Canonn on Hutton Orbital Radio

Canonn on Hutton Orbital Radio

In collaboration with Hutton Orbital Radio and in particular with Cmdr Vingtetun, Dr. Arcanonn became the star of his own radio show!

Episode 1

Introducing Detective Shaw, a PI looking for a mystery.  While playing with his wireless, he tunes into a, mildly hysterical, conversation between Dr Arcanonn and his trusty assistant, Ms Featherstone, about the eponymous Unknown Artefacts.

Episode 2

Detective Shaw is now becoming addicted to the story of the Canonn, and the Artefacts that we so doggedly research. He’s sniffing a mystery here, something he can get involved in; a dame to save. Like a dog with a bone, he just can’t let it go.

Episode 3

Shaw finally gets to meet the Dr, Ms Featherstone and their dogsbody, Tjaart. Like a well-known hair product commercial, this is the science bit – but Shaw seems interested in only one thing, whilst Dr Arcanonn is bemoaning the lack of computer hardware in his lab after he gave it all away to the Obsidian Orbital effort.

Episode 4

It’s Christmas, and Ms Featherstone unwraps Tjaart’s package to find a mysterious present for Dr Arc inside, which then causes Detective Shaw to have an accident. Needless to say, it’s all action this time round!

Episode 5

A couple of years have passed since the last episode, and we revisit Dr Arcanonn and Miss Featherstone following the news of the return of the aliens known as Thargoids. We catch up on the items and events which have occurred since, right up to the recent Aegis weapons test…