CMDR Adingo – Stranded on the Far Side

CMDR Adingo – Stranded on the Far Side

Recording starts

Oh, well. This is my one and only recording in all these months. I had no reason to write, but at least I still have comms online, so I can stay tuned to the bubble. Alright, you probably wonder why I started recording. I didn’t start recording just to say the last two sentences. I have a whole story to tell, the story of… (sigh) of me being pretty much stranded far away from the bubble. Anyway, here’s the story.

“Ship control systems not responsive”

This is the message played when I try to fly my Diamondback Explorer class vessel, the UESS Logic. Nearly all systems are inaccessible right now, just life support, lavatory, lights, sensors and comms are still accessible. By now, I guess you wonder how I got in this situation.

Nearly three months ago, I was taking off to the journey of my life – a whole circle around the galaxy, while visiting about a dozen black holes. About one hundred and sixty thousand light years total. The first month, went slowly but surely – ten thousand light years, while exploring and scanning many planets. No black hole yet, but I did find many interesting locations, such as an undiscovered Earth-Like world, with rings to complete!

It all went great, when one day, when I woke up in deep space – there was no HUD present. I tried all I know to try and fix it, but no avail. Thrusters were non-responsive, and so was the FSD. Every time I tried to use them, this message was heard in the cockpit.

I don’t know what exactly happened, but I’m on the process of pinpointing what went wrong. It should take a few days, but a few days are nothing compared to the two months I couldn’t move at all. The process was long and tiring. I hope to be on my way soon enough. Wish me luck.

Recording Stops