CMDR Engalo – Guardians (Part 13)

CMDR Engalo – Guardians (Part 13)

10 Aug 3303

Welcome to the dark wheel commander” echoes trough Engalo’s mind… Was it really that simple? I’ve been hunted, shoot and left for dead by the Dark Wheel, and now suddenly, here I am a part of their ranks?

A voice over the coms interrupted Engalo’s deep thoughts… “Are you jumping? Engalo?” It was Commander Clarion-Z. “What? Yes, sorry… Was caught up in the star” Engalo answered. However he was almost 2000Ls from the star at this point. This was exactly the reason Engalo had said yes to this trip tough. To get The Dark Wheel and all the things that had happened lately at a distance.

When leaving Neumanns camp in Shinrarta Dezhra walking around a corner, Engalo walked straight in to Commander Clarion-Z, almost knocking him over. “Engalo?! What are you doing here?” Clarion had asked and after explaining the whole thing, Clarion-Z had suggested that Engalo should follow him on he’s journey out in to the Guardian sites to study the Ancient Civilization data.

The Guardian data itself had been studied in depth by a lot of really good scientist already tho, so It’s unclear why Dr.Arcanonn would want Clarion-Z to make the round trip scanning all the nodes again. Although, Ram Tha still offers some good money for the data from the sites, so the money would be really good. Many of Engalo’s ships have been rotting away in hangars all over the bubble for a long time now. Would be good to actually give them all a wash, some maintenance and get them all transported to Shinrarta. The answer was easy. “Sounds interesting, I’m in.” Engalo had answered.

Commander Clarion-Z was a known face to Engalo now, they flew together a few times on missions for Dr Arcanonn. Clarion-Z was a hardy Citizen of the Federation… “Once a citizen, always a citizen” and all that…

Engalo, although born on Earth itself, leaned more to the Imperial side. What had happened that made Engalo lean this way none knew… He could argued with amusement for hours about which side was the best. Engalo found great pleasure in these arguments, but Engalo always fell silent every time someone asked him, “why the Empire?” the question where always answered with; “Let’s have a drink my friend!” or something like that, which usually ended the Federation/Empire discussions.

“Jumping now” Engalo messaged Clarion-Z as the frame shift drive finished spooling up. A few moments later a large yellow sun filled the cockpit view from Engalo’s ship. “Last scan for Ram Tah and then we’re done with that mission and could concentrate on claiming those systems” Clarion-Z says over the coms. “Crap! I forgot the Champagne… AND the cigars!” Engalo answer. “No worries, I have arranged a Ruin Afterparty on the new asteroid base in the Pencil nebula. New Growth I think it’s called” Clarion clearly in a good mood answers.

Engalo was first on the scene. Landing his Cobra Mk3 on one of the peak plateau at the guardian site. Engalo walked trough his ship and in to the vehicle bay, climbed in to the SRV and pushed the release button. The SRV slowly descended to the ground outside. There was a good 800meters from the plateau from where Engalo had landed and over to the next one, which had the last obelix they needed to scan. “I can make that” Engalo thought. The low gravity on the planet made long distance jumping with the SRV easy, although not without risk. There are some good shields on these SRV’s but they are not indestructible. Many commanders have ended their life doing stunts… like jumping crevices like this. Engalo on the other hand, isn’t a rookie behind the wheel of an SRV and decided to make the jump.

A quick calculation of speed was made and Engalo set off burning the two engine pods on each side of the SRV to gain some altitude. The SRV settled in a smooth arc over the crevice.

WOOOOHOOOO!!! and a mad laughter crackled over the coms as Clarion-Z swooped inn and with full afterburners flew his Cobra Mk3 under Engalo’s SRV, while Engalo was mid flight between the two peaks. “You crazy son of a Thargoid” Engalo shouts laughing. “Did you get it on film?” Clarion-Z asked. “No, sorry! Didn’t have my cameras active” Engalo replied. “Damn” Clarion-Z said while laughing.

The last obelix scan itself was quick and uneventful and soon the two Cobra Mk3’s streaked over the sky with engines roaring. It was the first time for a weary long time Engalo used his old Cobra Mk3. This was his first ship. It was old, but sturdy and all systems still works flawlessly. A few jumps later they entered the station in the pencil nebula.

As Engalo And Clarion-Z emerged from the docking bay’s, they entered the first thing that looked like a bar. Luckily it was, although the clientele clearly was a sturdy bunch of regulars in this bar. Everything fell silent as Engalo and Clarion-Z entered. After a few tense seconds the regulars turned away leaving the two strangers to fend for them self at the bar counter. Then after a few drinks and some surprisingly good food, they undocked and left for the Meene system and back to Ram Tha. When the data was delivered the two Commanders shook hands and went their separate ways. Clarion-Z was talking about something he had to do in the Varpet system.

Incoming message” beeped on the console. “What is this?” Engalo read the message.

A new CG is going on in the Kaushpoos system. Check it out and report back.” It was from Canonn HQ.

“Alrighty, here we go again” Engalo mumbled smiling.