Cmdr L – And Life Gets Serious(er)

Cmdr L – And Life Gets Serious(er)

Alright, alright I know. I shouldn’t have done it.

But I just had to man. Couldn’t help myself.

The cat’s out of the bag now, and I sure wish I hadn’t done it – funny, really.

Tige’s gone awandering as I think I said last time. Left me wandering around these Gods-forsaken rocks ‘surveying’. Can’t honestly say I know why I’m bothering – half the stuff I’ve found I never even heard of, much less found a market for. Still I’m sticking at it, ol’ Tige’s not led me wrong so far, but I got a tad ticked off and thought: well two can play at this game, he isn’t the only one with contacts nosirree!

Couple days later and word filters back: Shinrarta Dezhra. I mean what?

Me and him are going to have to have a pretty long talk, I’m thinking. Hopefully with him doing most of the talking. Biggest question on my mind right about now is what in the Maker’s name is an Elite pilot doing slumming it with lil ol’ me? That said I’m also a little worried how he’ll react. I’m kinda praying he’ll be pleased I used some initiative. I certainly don’t need him getting mad at me.

I could say nothing I guess.

I dunno.

Speak soon,