Cmdr Stoyben XI – Tales of a Wandering Bard

Cmdr Stoyben XI – Tales of a Wandering Bard

Come forth Voidsmen Yon,
Have a story of mine!
Come forth Greenhorns all,
This yarn will do fine!

Let me tell you of legends, of monsters galore!
Lay bare now the annals of my gathered lore!

Come forth pirate scum,
Raise your grogs full of ale!
Come forth ye who listen,
Be a part of my tale!

Let me tell you of riches, of Metal and Stone!
A story of treasures you won’t find alone!

Come forth Space Kitties,
Who’s nip long has soured!
Come forth Sun Praisers,
Whose child now has flowered!

Let me tell you of Empires now fallen from Light!
And what really goes sulking bumping in the night!

Come forth Old Explorers,
Who’s journeys at end!
Come forth doe-Eyed youngn’s
Who’ve some time to spend!

Let me tell you of starfields upon which I sleep!
And speak of the glittering eyes in the deep!

Come forth Wild Outlaws,
Your home now laid low!
Come forth now Vagabonds,
With no place to go!

Let me tell you of powers that recoil at your sight!
And all those you take who know not of your plight!

Come forth Club Members,
Who watch us on high!
Come forth Life Enders,
Who fear not to die!

Let me tell you of deeds that are not your own!
Of worlds and a galaxy long that has grown!

Come forth Kinsman Mine,
Breakers of mysteries told!
Come forth Elder Council,
Down from above to our fold!

Let me tell you the songs that Hyperspace sings!
For no barrier remains bastion to your sight of things!

Come forth Vile Traitor,
From a cage you divine!
Come forth Yon’ Pariah,
Your jails creation not mine!

Let me tell you of Tyrants and of ancient Fell beasts!
The predators now are hunted, the monsters made feasts!

Come Forth My Flock,
Gathered from long spent soot!
Come forth Legends All,
Fly now to the Moot!

Let me tell you the epics you told me once before!
Polished into history forevermore!

Come forth Ye’ Pilot,
Untested and New!
Come forth Unto Me,
I’ve a Story for you!

Let me tell you of hunters who chase only dreams!
And of the golden man who speaks in riddles and memes!

For I now come forth,
At the dawn of the end.
For it is with you,
My time I will spend.

Let me tell you now this; as more often than not,
A fool I find myself in these tales; a lot.

Go forth, Space Bard,
On false wings of Gold!
Go Forth Ever More,
As your lands are now old.

Let him tell you this, in your bed warm and curled,
Though he may be a fool, is it not the nature of fools to hold the reigns of the world?