Cmdr Stoyben XI – Tales of a Wandering Bard

Cmdr Stoyben XI – Tales of a Wandering Bard

Once upon a time, on a planet far far away…

A lonely Human, trekking through the Godsland, is decidedly bored. He stares at the monotony before him and lets his mind drift, lets it fly farther and faster than he could ever go. He thinks back on where he came from, forward to where he could be, but most importantly, he ponders his present.

…he is bored…

So the human begins to play back the log entries in his computer, to pass the time. Some entries he laughs at, reminiscing his various experiences. Others contain his findings from the thousands of worlds visited. Others still are galleries, containing the galaxies greatest sights. As he pours over the flow of memories, an idea strikes him. he opens a new log, and begins to type.

“Cmdr Spectre, of the ship designated JUMPER OMEGA, <<logNum-1136>>…”

He pauses, thinking.

“Log subject–Book of Stories.”

“I’ve been to so many places, seen so many incredible things…I cant even begin to describe how I feel. These past six months have shown me how lucky I am to do what I do. Its truly been the ride of a lifetime. But for now, I think I’ve had my fill.”

The phrase lingered on the page, filling him with a small sense of regret.

“I’m going back home to Maityan. The ship hasn’t seen a port in ages, and she’s starting to feel the effects of deep space exploration. The paint kinda looks like shit too, losing its shininess. As for me, I’m sure there will be many credits of data to sort through…”

He shuddered, realizing just how many pages he probably had.

“This will be the last log for this trip, which sorta bums me out. But I think I’ve had a great idea. Once I get back, I’ll compile all these logs into a codex and distribute it to any who wish to access it. Call it, Tales of the Wandering Bard. Of course, I’ll have to re-write a few choice bits to make it a tad more entertaining, but who cares either way. This Galaxy needs more stories.”

He looked over his work, happy with his new idea.

“Cmdr Spectre, signing off.”

He closed his computer and returned to the controls of his Scarab, quickly made a cursory search of the crater around him for sulfur, and not finding any, recalled his ship. Almost immediately, the massive hulk that was his Anaconda popped in overhead. He made his way, bouncing and skidding, over to where the gold ship was setting down. As it came lower, the little buggy was very rapidly dwarfed by the size of its mothership. He gave one last look around to the planet he had discovered, and rejoined with Jumper Omega.

Stories are what I deal in.

And a Galaxy is nothing without a good story.

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