Verity Gavroche – Arcanonn Responds to Plea for more Meta-Alloys

Verity Gavroche – Arcanonn Responds to Plea for more Meta-Alloys


Just two days after this was published on Galnet, an article appears featuring a section from an anonymous report that suggests a conglomerate bought up all the community goal meta alloys on the black market.

Who bought them, and why? If they’re not distributing them to the affected stations, then presumably they’re not operating in our interests – but in their own.

The original article follows.


Yesterday on Galnet, a member of the technical team at Irens Dock in the Manite system issued a call for Meta Alloys to be taken to all the stations that are either shut down or that are experiencing technical issues.

Soon after the article was released, Dr Arcanonn sent me this statement, which has been featured in Galnet today.

Many teams from Canonn Interstellar Research have already started collecting more meta alloys, some have been doing so for many days.

But one thing bothers me: after the community so paintstakingly collected and shipped over 150,000 tonnes of meta alloys to Obsidian Orbital for Professor Palin, I have to ask: where did they all go?

Surely the engineering teams at Obsidian Orbital didn’t use them all up!?

I must urge the engineers at Obsidian Orbital to help us all and release their remaining stock of meta alloys to the commodities market today. Once the stocks run out, we will return to the barnacle sites to collect more.

Since one of the affected stations is in my home system, I’m as eager as everyone else to see these malfunctions stopped now. It seems we have the means to fix the problems, so let’s do it.

I detect more than a hint of frustration in the Doctor’s tone there, don’t you?

And perhaps he’s right!  The meta alloy community goal was extremely testing work for all the commanders that took part, and in the bars around Thompson Dock it’s been very common to hear people asking where all these meta alloys they collected actually went.

Well, let’s hope the Doctor’s plea is met with a positive response from the guys and girls at Obsidian Orbital – in the meantime, the doctor asks everyone who is able to get over to your favourite barnacle and grab as many meta alloys as you can.

He also said:

And if they felt like taking them to Bond Hub as a priority, that would be nice!

Good luck commanders!

Verity Gavroche