Verity Gavroche – Bond Hub Out of the Woods

Verity Gavroche – Bond Hub Out of the Woods

It was announced yesterday in Galnet that another station, Fozard Dock in HIP 19934, has been shut down due to UA-related interference.  Our thoughts are, of course, with the community which resides there, and hopes are high that the ‘meta-alloy solution’ will eventually reach these stations, thanks to the establishment of reduced commodities markets accepting deliveries of meta alloys.

However, amongst the bad news was also good news for the scientists of the Canonn: Bond Hub, which has been experiencing technical difficulties for some time, has now been declared free of this technological scourge.

Following weeks of tireless meta-alloy harvesting by numerous commanders, it seems Prof D Luffy’s team, who have been taking deliveries of the strange material all this time, have finally been able to apply the same fix that was discovered by the teams at Obsidian Orbital.

In a brief interview, Prof D Luffy said:

We knew it was only a matter of time before we managed to get Bond Hub fully operational again – but it required the help of many commanders to get there.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the many hours they’ve spent transporting hundreds of meta-alloys between the Pleiades and Varati, a journey that’s by no means easy!

Appeals have now renewed for more meta-alloy shipments to the other affected stations mentioned recently on Galnet, in the hope that we can then see the eradication of this nuisance from all our lives.

For me, it was just nice to be able to visit Bond Hub and have a working shower in my quarters for the first time in four months!

An excerpt of this story has also been published on Galnet in the hope of raising the profile of the meta-alloy harvesting operation.

Verity Gavroche