Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute In Place ‘Within Days’

Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute In Place ‘Within Days’

After last week’s update from the construction teams working on the new Canonn Institute research outpost, the Council today received a message from the anonymous donors who made it all happen.

FAO: The Canonn Council
Subject: Canonn Institute

Good afternoon, we have great pleasure in saying that your new research outpost is en route to COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43 and should be ready for a grand opening later this week. A couple of our more construction-minded members made a secret visit yesterday to conduct last-minute snag tests, and you’ll be pleased to know that no problems were found at all.

In fact, it seems the construction teams have added some extras which weren’t on the original plans, whilst still managing to stay within the budget we set. Perhaps the growing reputation for fantastic hospitality in Varati has something to do with it.

Unfortunately we cannot simply jump the outpost into its final orbit, so it is being taken there in what pilots refer to as ‘super-cruise’ – but before anybody gets unduly worried, there’s no need to be concerned about the structure of the outpost because it’s been specially hardened to withstand the long high-C journey.

Once the station is in system, it will be taken to its eventual target orbit, anticipated to be around the first planet. After that, a full diagnostic sweep will be carried out and some final commissioning work done on the power and security systems. As promised, the outpost has exceptionally high security features in order that Dr Arcanonn and his associates will be able to work there safely without concern.

It only leaves us to say it has been a pleasure to make this happen for you – and we are excited to see the research that the Canonn is able to produce from this state of the art facility!

Addendum: Palin
We weren’t sure whether to say anything, but we’ve decided we must.

In short: keep an eye on him.

When the construction drive was announced last week for his new planetary base in Maia we were curious as to who his ‘mystery donors’ were, as we’re sure you were. If you were wondering whether it was us, we can tell you it definitely was not.

In fact, we’re having significant difficulty in tracking down anyone who would be able to fund such an undertaking for zero profit. Well, to be more precise, we’re unable to find any other groups such as ours who can do it, let alone individuals. It doesn’t mean these people do not exist, nor that, if they do, they are anything other than benevolent. However, we have a strong suspicion of military or government involvement from somewhere, and that cannot bode well.

So, please make sure that the Canonn continues to lead the way in the alien mysteries – if Palin is allowed to take control, we fear the worst. We will continue to investigate and will let you know anything we manage to uncover.

This week! Can you believe it!? The Canonn Institute finally in-place and online after all that hard work! How exciting! I have my travel bag ready to get over there as soon as they let people dock!

But those final comments about Palin there… What if they’re right about him? What could it mean?

Verity Gavroche