Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute On The Way

Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute On The Way

Exciting news!

Several weeks ago, the Canonn ran a campaign for Palladium to build a new research station for COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43, with help from an anonymous group of philanthropists.

The appeal was a resounding success of course – thanks to all of you in the Canonn, and many many other commanders who came to the aid of science. The Council was then asked to name the station, which was voted for and submitted soon after, and the last we heard was that the station was being built and would be positioned when ready.

Well, the Council has just received word from the construction teams that the station is nearly ready, and will be put in place very soon! I spoke to Nicholai Nowleski, the construction manager who famously took Varati to his heart, to get more:

Yes, the rumours are true – we’re almost done here, and I have to say this lab is the best damn thing I’ve ever helped build.

Most of us have almost killed ourselves doing this thing, I’ve been averaging about two hours sleep every couple of days for the last two months – but damn this Varati coffee keeps you going – I’ve never been sharper.

But yeah, this lab is fantastic: you science guys are gonna love it – it’s got all the facilities you could need, and it looks pretty special from the outside too.

Me? Well I said I was going to stick around, and I meant it. Once the lab’s in place, I’ve been asked by the Council to visit some of the ground stations you guys have taken over and help plan some improvements. I’ll start at Phillifent Point, then Kagan Vision in COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43.

I understand you guys have just started a war for Remec Point in Varati against the VIU, so I assume there’ll be some work to be done there, too, once you inevitably take that!

So it’s looking like a busy life for me, Verity, and – uh – if you fancied joining me to see what I get up to at any point, that’d be great!

He’s a lovely man, really he is. A bit dishevelled at the moment, but nothing a visit to Dan’s Special Hair Haven on level eighteen couldn’t fix…

Are you excited for the arrival of the new lab? What will you do to celebrate the opening? There are rumours that a huge party is planned when it opens – will you be there?

I’ll bring you more when the station is in place, and good luck to everyone in the civil war for Remec Point!

Verity Gavroche