Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute Opened by Dr Arcanonn

Verity Gavroche – Canonn Institute Opened by Dr Arcanonn

Humanity’s newest and most advanced UA research centre, the Canonn Institute in COL SECTOR 285 IX-T D3-43, is finally open and ready for science.

Dr Arcanonn, who has been in hiding for several months, was the first to arrive, under heavy guard, and he had this to say at the opening ceremony:

It is an amazing feeling to stand before you today, after being in exile for so long.

After over a year of work, the Canonn has become one of the most open, diligent and dedicated science organisations, and now we have this amazing centre of research to call our own.

I can’t thank enough those who supported the construction of the Institute and I’m looking forward to repaying that faith by sharing any discoveries we make here!

I’m also announcing an open order for UAs and meta alloys to the Institute to help start all the new research projects we are planning.

There was some consternation among certain members of the Canonn that requesting large numbers of Unknown Artefacts could be a potentially dangerous thing to do – given the technological disruption UAs cause, especially since the station is essentially brand new. One junior researcher said to me:

After all that work! After all that effort, all that time, spent mining Palladium and dodging pirates – and now the department heads want to swamp this pristine, state-of-the-art lab with UAs!

Yeah, okay – I know it’s kinda what we do, right?

But couldn’t they at least give us a few weeks to get settled in before they screw it all up!? I’d like a chance to at least try all the equipment out before it gets ruined!

However, a senior researcher was unequivocal:

This is our new lab, in which we want to study UAs.

For that we need UAs to be delivered – it’s quite simple, really.

So, yes, it might be dangerous, but we’ve already fixed Bond Hub after it got infected, so if we do get any problems from having so many UAs in the station, I’m sure we can fix it again!

We’re scientists and engineers – if there’s a problem, we fix it. It’s what we do!

On a separate issue, some people have been wondering if this move means that the Canonn will no longer operate within Varati – namely representatives of the other local factions in the system.

I’m told that this is not the case – the Canonn only recently gained control of Remec Point in Varati, meaning that it now controls all the major outposts and installations in the system.

They will still have their headquarters in Varati, but the Institute now becomes its new centre for research and learning – allowing it to separate politics and security operations from scientific research.

Verity Gavroche