Verity Gavroche – Canonn Moves Into Forsskal Hub

Verity Gavroche – Canonn Moves Into Forsskal Hub

Update – an excerpt of this report was published throughout Varati and COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43 on 19th February 3302

After nearly a week of fighting, the Varati Independent Union have finally succumbed to the superior Canonn forces, relinquishing control of Forsskal Hub.

Prof D.Luffy, chief strategist for the Canonn, said this about their humiliation of the VIU:

When we approved military action last week, we didn’t think we’d dominate them like this.

Our combat-capable scientists turned out in their droves: fighting round the clock, showing the kind of dedication other organisations can only dream of.

In the end, our superior hardware, skill and numbers proved to be too much for the VIU, and victory is ours!

I am now leaving for Forsskal Hub with CSO Nelson De Rosa to check the station facilities and any science equipment it has.

De Rosa is searching for the traitor Socha Korbemile’s contact on the station, as he closes in on those responsible for the death threats sent to Dr Arcanonn a few weeks ago.

He tells me he’ll be using ‘the finest of fine tooth-combs’ – looked more like a set of torture devices to me – but I don’t get involved.

In a related development, Nelson De Rosa earlier authorised this leaked copy of a message he sent to the VIU Chief Security officer, Arthur Guin, as it became clear the victory was imminent:

==+ NoSecrets v2.0.1 Log. License expires 17th Feb 3303. UPDATE AVAILABLE +== ==+ [1041736567290000000] > Packet snoop established. P2P GUDP Packet identified. +== ==+ [1041730381200000012] > qTLS Tap OK, Auth: Mutual. Eve (v1.2.7619) is in the house +== From: [CSO Nelson De Rosa (Canonn)|Thompson Dock|Varati] To: [CSO Arthur Guin (Varati Independent Union)|Forrskal Hub|Varati] MAILBOX CLOSED, SCHEDULED FOR PURGE IN 24 HOURS. LOCATING FORWARDING ADDRESS. Forward to: [CSO Arthur Guin (Varati Independent Union)|NFA|Type 9 Freighter "Linda's Lover"] Subject: Mmmm, smell my humble pieRemember these words of yours?

> If you're so convinced someone in Forsskal was Korbemile's handler, then
> I suggest you get over here and do the digging yourself. Bring your own 
> shovel, though, and expect to be using it dig your own grave because 
> you won't be getting off the station alive.

Don't meant to be cocky - but tell me if you can spot the, I assume deliberate, mistake on your part?


Dear me.  Word of advice for the future (assuming you have one): if you're gonna come over all 'johnny big potatoes' and issue threats, you'd better make sure you're not holding a flaccid wet fish instead of a gun.

I'll be waltzing into Forsskal's security offices in a few hours' time as King of the Castle.

And I'm bringing more than a shovel, old boy - I've got earth-moving equipment with me - a whole bloody demolition team.  We're gonna pull down your castle of lies and dig up all your skeletons.  Nobody's gonna stop me.

In fact, they'll be saying 'yes sir' and 'no sir' and, when I ask them about the bloke that ran the operation before me, they'll say 'who, sir?'

Because you, my dear fellow, are obsolete.  Defunct.  Broken.  Much like the rest of your 'Independent Union'.

There's something about you and your lot that stinks.  Perhaps it's because you're all carrying wet fish instead of weapons, hadn't thought of that till now.  Or perhaps it's because you or one of your 'patrons' know something about Socha Korbemile.

If you tell me now, I might let you live.  If you don't, be sure to take this message to whoever it is who threatened Dr Arc:

I'm gonna find out who you are, where you are and the most important thing in your life.  Then I'm gonna crush it in front of your eyes before smearing you into a paste and feeding you to my Varatian Cat, George.

Now get the hell off my station - and do remember to use the air freshener before you close the airlock would you?


==+ [1041730381200000095] > qTLS Tap Dropped. Eve (v1.2.7619) has left the building +== ==+ [1041730381200000095] > End of P2P GUDP Packet +==

Strong words indeed, dear readers!

What do you think? Is Arthur Guin hiding something? Where is he heading in the Type 9 “Linda’s Lover”? Who’s Linda?

I’m monitoring their Comms all the time, and will bring you more as we learn more.

And Nelson has promised to tell us everything he learns on Forsskal as soon as he has something concrete.

You’ll read about it here first, from me.

I’m heading to Forsskal myself in an hour or so – I’ve heard the parties are just getting underway and this girl needs to let her hair down!

Verity Gavroche