Verity Gavroche – Donors Give Green Light To Mining Operation

Verity Gavroche – Donors Give Green Light To Mining Operation

The philanthropists who offered to provide support to help build a new secure research station for Dr Arcanonn have just sent a response to the doctor’s message that was sent only yesterday, and it’s exciting news indeed!

FAO: Dr Arcanonn and the Council
Re: Re: Charitable Donation

Dear Dr and noble councillors,

We agree in principle to the plan you’ve outlined in your response, specifically:

  • We will set up the construction operation at Thompson Dock, Varati
  • Your pilots will provide mined Palladium to our teams as raw material for the station. The more we get, the more facilities we will be able to build into the station.
  • If successful, the station will be placed in COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43
  • You will also need to run protection for the miners in and around Varati, as we expect Dr Arcanonn’s enemies to hire Pirates to try to intercept the Palladium en route to Thompson Dock.

We think your hope that Varati will become a High Tech economy as a result of this, is optimistic; perhaps consider that for another time?

Our teams will arrive at Thompson Dock on Thursday 10th March and should be ready to start taking delivery of the Palladium in the evening. The resource acquisition phase will last exactly a week, or less if all the Palladium we need is delivered before then.

We will also take care of the PR on Galnet for you, to ensure that news of the operation reaches as many people as possible. We’re certain many people will want to help, as Dr Arcanonn is a much-loved figure throughout the bubble.

We look forward to working with you all on this, and are very pleased that you have agreed to allow us to help you!


Well, you heard the man, boys and girls: it’s time to get those mining rigs sorted, and stock up on Palladium!

Fill your boots ready for Thursday evening, and when the operation starts, start selling that mined Palladium!

I’m told that a special ‘Community Goal’ (whatever they are) page will be going up on this site by tomorrow morningwith all the details of the best places to mine etc, and tips for avoiding a pirate looking for your haul.  Apparently there’s a thing called Discord too?  Well – the community team tell me there’s a special discord channel for everyone to communicate over too!

Now let’s get this station built, and bring Arcanonn home!

Verity Gavroche