Verity Gavroche – Appeal for Unknown Probes

Verity Gavroche – Appeal for Unknown Probes

The image transmitted by the mysterious unknown probes in response to a burst from a ship’s discovery scanner is still a mystery.

But, while this image occupies his teams, Dr Arcanonn believes there is also more to discover about the probes themselves.  The problem is supply:

The only way we currently know to obtain unknown probes is to hunt and attack rare Federal Military convoys in the Ross 47, G 99-49Wolf 294 and Wolf 504 systems.

The Federal Military knows where they can be found, but have kept it secret, so it is up to us to lift the veil.

Since unknown artefacts are found in a 135-150LY ‘shell’ around Merope, we believe the probes are in a similar region – possibly even the same region. We also think they’ll be in anomalous signal sources, the same as the artefacts.

So please, help the pursuit of science and break the Federal monopoly on the locations of these probes.

It could be the most important thing you ever do.

Verity Gavroche