Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn In Galnet

Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn In Galnet

Dr Arcanonn gave me an exclusive interview which has been published in Galnet today.

Fancy that, my first Galnet article as the Canonn’s investigative reporter!

Dr Arcanonn contacted me specifically, asking to broadcast to the galaxy the hard science that still goes on throughout the Canonn – and also as a snub to the dark forces that have been moving against him.

I assured him that we are all doing everything we can to make Varati and the surrounding area safe for him once again, and he said that he thanked us all for continuing to support him.

Regarding his current situation, he said he is starting to find it a bit lonely in his underground bunker, but that being able to monitor and contribute to the ongoing UA and Barnacle research is keeping him going, and he looks forward to the day when he can return.

He signed off by saying ‘keep up the great work, and save some biscuits for me!’

Verity Gavroche