Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Responds To Mystery Donors

Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Responds To Mystery Donors


We’ve just received word that the donors agreed to the proposal and mining should commence 10th March!

Here I am again folks with news that the Council have finally finished considering the mystery donors’ offer of a new secure lab, and have decided on a proposed course of action.

They have issued their response through Dr Arcanonn himself, who was keen to respond to them personally:

From: Dr Arcanonn
To: [redacted] Subject: Re: Charitable Donation

We thought it right that I should respond personally, given the significance and generosity of your offer, for which we all thank you!

First, allow me to apologise for the time it’s taken to respond. Our council is made up of many people, all with varying levels of paranoia, so it’s taken a while for us to reach a consensus, after doing some due diligence to establish your sincerity. I am a man of science, not business or politics, so this is where my council proves its worth time and again.

As you rightly say – my security situation is a continuing source of frustration, especially for me – sitting here in my temporary underground lab, and the prospect of returning early to a secure facility, surrounded by all the teams that make up this wonderful organisation, fills me with joy. That you are willing to help us achieve this is nothing short of astonishing.

But it’s not just me, we now have several prominent scientists, all of whom could easily become targets of the same militant forces – so it’s imperative we protect everyone in the Canonn and let them get on with their work.

Anyway, enough of that – here’s what we propose:

Obviously we have many scientists on Thompson Dock, plus the ‘pop-up’ UA and meta-alloy research facility on Bond Hub, which is growing daily, so we feel that Varati is already well-provisioned for our primary research needs.

So we propose establishing a Scientific Outpost in nearby COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43, complete with:
– Universal Cartographics
– Commodities Market
– Black Market (how else do we get the UAs there?).

This new station would be dedicated to science, and our ships can repair, re-arm and outfit in Varati or on the planetary base that’s already in-system.

We suggest basing the construction teams at Thompson Dock, Varati – because it’s the only station capable of supporting such a large operation – so that’s where we would deliver the mined metal to.

Our analysts also predict that with all the metal being delivered to this operation, Varati’s economy would be transformed into Hi-Tech – offering significant benefits to us, and to the citizens of Varati.

This would be a massive operation, of course, but we’re certain we can make it work with your support. We can be ready to start this Thursday if you can get your teams here in time.

We eagerly await your response to our proposal and, once again, thank you!

Dr Arcanon

So there it is, folks – the proposal that we now wait to see if it will be approved.

With any luck, their response should come within the next day or two, at which point I will of course post it here immediately.

It did! See update at top of the page!

Verity Gavroche