Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Urges Push for Obsidian Orbital

Verity Gavroche – Dr Arcanonn Urges Push for Obsidian Orbital

Update: Dr Arcanonn’s statement just been published by the nice folks over on Galnet.  Let’s hope it encourages even more participation 

Dr Arcanonn contacted me earlier to issue an urgent statement regarding the latest drive to collect meta alloys by the Pioneers’ Cooperative:

Yesterday afternoon, the Pioneers’ Cooperative – an initiative of which the Canonn is a proud member – placed an open order for meta alloys to be delivered to Obsidian Orbital in Maia.

The goal is to gather enough of the substance from the known large barnacle sites around the Pleiades to start producing ship modules that are resistant to the UA self-repair mechanism, thus preventing systems degradation in ships which transport UAs.

Obviously, our considerable interest in the UAs means that the possibility of being able to transport them anywhere in the galaxy without incurring ship damage is extremely exciting for us.

In addition to the considerable money on offer, I’m certain that being able to transport UAs freely will be a crucial part of future scientific research, so please: bring your meta alloys to Obsidian Orbital!

I am told that many Canonn commanders are already in the Pleiades gathering meta alloys for this effort. The pilots I’ve spoken too, however, have all said that they want as many people as possible taking part, because the need to solve the problem of transporting UAs is so great.

Good luck CMDRs

Verity Gavroche