Verity Gavroche – ‘Firefly Fandango’ Disproven

Verity Gavroche – ‘Firefly Fandango’ Disproven

Update – this article has been published on Galnet 🙂

Weeks after Dr Arcanonn brought news of CMDR Engalo’s suggestion of a ‘firefly fandango‘ between the unknown artefacts and meta alloys, he has issued this update on the investigations:

After Engalo’s research was published, our science teams set to work to try and identify whether there is indeed an interaction taking place.

Soon after, many CMDRs, including Locastan, Criosx and Engalo himself, came to the conclusion that what they were witnessing was most likely due to the distortion field that surrounds the unknown artefact.

This field seems to diffract light passing near the vicinity of the artefact, causing objects around it to appear duplicated. After close observation, it was decided that what appeared to be pairs of fireflies ‘dancing’, were actually duplicates of the same firefly.

I commend the teams on their hard work in verifying this phenomenon, and am pleased to be able to cross this off our list of investigations.

I saw one of these Barnacle things for the first time myself the other day. Spooky aren’t they!?

I have been loaned a Hauler by the Canonn – which I can just about fly – and I accompanied CMDR Lord Zoltan to a Barnacle on Pleione 11A for a few hours.

I can’t help feeling that what we’re seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg, but what do I know!? I’m just a journalist; I leave the sciencing to you guys!

Verity Gavroche