Verity Gavroche – Going Straight

Verity Gavroche – Going Straight

Nelson De Rosa & Prof D. Luffy, visiting from Bond Hub, have just been kind enough to give me 5 minutes of their time in the Thompson Dock mess hall.

I was as surprised as you, dear reader, after the distaste De Rosa showed for me in his last, slightly self-conscious, message to Arthur Guin of the VIU before Civil War erupted. But, in his own words:

Given the pasting we’re giving those VIU losers, you could have defaecated in my morning coffee and I’d still feel like kissing you.

(I cleaned up the language)

During this short discussion they offered me the role as official Canonn reporter, with additional investigative ‘powers’ and responsibilities.

Needless to say I have accepted. The pay’s great and, well, I won’t lie: they threw in a paid-for license for my favourite weapon of choice: ‘NoSecrets v2.0.1’, with a year’s maintenance subscription!

A shift in ideals from my recent ‘truth at all costs’ approach, perhaps – but let me explain:

When I left the Voice of Varati it was because I wanted to branch out and bring all the news to the masses, regardless of how sensitive it might be. The VoV, although it’s a higher quality publication than most, didn’t cover all news equally (if at all – think of it as being like a ‘65% coverage’ outfit) – and I didn’t like where it was going.

So I set out with the idea that “no secret is a good secret”, in a personal backlash against this patchy approach to newsgathering. Hence the leaks.

I realise now that this was no more than idealistic crap. The sort of thing espoused by wet-behind-the-ear students with no idea how the real world works, while they sit around consuming their collective bodyweight in onionhead. I’ve been there, done that – got the skin-tight bodysuit too (easy, Powell!).

Some things must be hidden – because not all things are fully known. In our world and, more importantly, in Dr Arcanonn’s world, half the truth can be more damaging than all the truth.

And I realise that the Canonn has always been about total honesty. If there are things happening behind the scenes, it’s because it’s for the good of the people of Varati (and, soon COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43… wow that really rolls off the tongue doesn’t it!?).

So I’m pleased to say that I’ll be sticking around! I’ll be writing press releases on behalf of our council, and I will be turning my snooping on our ever-present competitors – the VIU, Varati Ring, Varati Blue Public and Labour of Varati. Oh, I guarantee you there’s more to what they’re up to than meets the eye

Anyway… hoping that the next time you read a message from me will be announcing the Canonn’s victory over the VIU in the war – D.Luffy assured me that victory will be ours soon enough. I believe his exact words, as Nelson, he and I enjoyed a Varati Tea, were:

If there’s even one combat pilot left in Varati flying for the VIU by this weekend, I’ll be amazed. I reckon the VIU will now have to specialise in scrap metal salvage recovery – because that’s literally all that’s going to be left of them!

Anyway, that’s all for now.

I’m not a pilot, but I believe the correct sign-off is


Verity Gavroche