Verity Gavroche – Meta-Alloys To Bond Hub Says D Luffy

Verity Gavroche – Meta-Alloys To Bond Hub Says D Luffy

I was talking to Prof D Luffy a little earlier, who heads the research teams based at Bond Hub.  During our conversation, he formally requested the mass delivery of meta alloys to the station again, after having made the same request over a month ago:

My researchers have been working with these things for some time, and are ready to take delivery of as many meta alloys as the community can manage.  We’re certain we can repeat the success of the Obsidian Orbital engineers and reverse the malfunctions that are plaguing so many stations around the bubble.

My colleagues and I understand the concern some people have in harvesting the meta alloys from the barnacles, but this plague is affecting the lives of millions of people and it seems the meta alloys have been given to us specifically as a cure.

We do not condone the wholesale destruction of the barnacle sites, and we are prepared for the possibility that something bad could happen as a result of harvesting and using these meta alloys in this way – but we must balance the need for caution with the needs of humanity.

So, please, bring your meta alloys to us and let us do the rest.

Prof D Luffy was way ahead of the curve when he initially asked for meta alloys to be delivered to Bond as a potential solution to the station malfunctions, so its unsurprising to see his passion in wanting more now, given that they have been shown to provide a cure.

Please note – no large landing pads are available at Bond, so T7s, Pythons, Asps and T6s are the best ships if you’re hauling large quantities.

Update (2nd March 3303) D Luffy’s interview has been featured on Galnet today!

Verity Gavroche