Verity Gavroche – More Palladium Needed At Thompson Dock

Verity Gavroche – More Palladium Needed At Thompson Dock

Hi everyone! It’s the final day of the drive for palladium to build Arcanonn’s new station for COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-43 and our outspoken, dishevelled, construction manager grabbed me earlier, eager to get a message out about the need for more miners to come and contribute.

As Nicholai Nowleski (yes I finally got his name!) stood there talking to me, I couldn’t help noticing how his week-old beard and thousand-yard stare contrasted strongly with the overwhelming passion and zeal he expresses for this project.

This whole thing could just be the making, or breaking, of him – and I feel we all owe it to him to do the best we can, for all that he is clearly giving of himself.

Here’s what he said:

The response from the community has been incredible, but we still need more!

Yes, we’re all exhausted – but this is too important a project to give up. I’ve been living on a particularly strong blend of local Varatian coffee just to keep everything running smoothly. I understand the local suppliers are now making it freely available to all miners to keep them going. It’s great stuff, if you can cope with a few heart palpitations.

We really want to hit the next milestone to get a Commodities Market for this new station. If we can do that, then Dr Arc will have everything he needs to do what he does best.

So, please: come and mine for the Canonn and bring us your palladium to Thompson Dock between now and 3pm Thursday – the rewards are huge, and the camaraderie amongst the miners is fantastic.

The whole Canonn community are watching the mining total anxiously as it creeps toward the next milestone. It will undoubtedly require a herculean effort to reach. But if enough people committed to this final 20 hours – just 82t more tonnes each from 1,000 people – then it’s more than possible!

I’m off to get myself a few gallons of this Varatian coffee so I can continue to watch developments. It’s all too exciting!

Verity Gavroche