Verity Gavroche – Socha Korbemile Sabotaged A Science Vessel

Verity Gavroche – Socha Korbemile Sabotaged A Science Vessel

You may remember a few weeks back the security teams here at Thompson Dock managed to start decrypting mysterious messages sent to Socha Korbemile from the same unknown person who’d also been in contact with the local factions around Varati and beyond.

The last message they decrypted showed us how Socha was turned from the faithful and loyal research assistant that he was, into a spy.

Well, the team didn’t stop during the recent palladium drive, and have now uncovered what they think might be the last message they can get from the device image they’ve been working on.

It’s very troubling – because it suggests that Socha was forced into sabotaging a colleague’s ship. If true, then we need to find out where this researcher is, and warn her – if she is still alive:

To: Socha Korbemile
Subject: Sabotage

Socha, it’s good that you weren’t boring and tried to resist us. There would’ve been no point.

No-one resists us.

Right now, we are pleased; you have done very well.

But if you are in any doubt – remember: you have only ensured the safety of your mother and father for now. One day, they might see your name written in history as the man who helped ensure that unworthy fools did not uncover the truth about the artefacts. But only if you continue to comply with our wishes.

So, since you seem to have a talent for the clandestine, we have something else for you to do.

We are hearing some troubling news regarding someone called CMDR Shannon Day – apparently somebody you work with in Dr Arcanonn’s lab?

From our own monitoring, and from the information you’ve been supplying, it seems you’ve been instrumental in helping her plan an experiment to take certain navigational and communication components of an unknown artefact on a long journey to investigate their behaviour far away from the bubble.

CMDR Shannon Day cannot be allowed to complete this experiment, Socha. If she did, then it would be somewhat ‘awkward’ for some very important people, which would mean it would be very unpleasant for you, or rather your parents.

So this is what you’re going to do: You will make yourself available to carry out some of the outfitting of her science vessel. Let’s say… the scanners, we’re sure you can think of a suitable cover story.

While you are there, you will apply a patch to CMDR Shannon’s ship’s control software. You need not concern yourself with the content of this patch, but if you’re interested then you might have seen it’s effect on one or two high profile incidents throughout the years.

Later today, this device will update with an application which will build and deploy the patch when it’s paired to the ship’s onboard diagnostics systems. All you need to do is run it – the application does the rest.

Do not delay on this Socha – we believe she is due to set off in the next day or so and it is imperative you complete this task. We will know when you apply the patch, and we will know if it has been applied to the correct ship, so don’t even think of trying to trick us.

Let us put it this way – if you don’t do this, then the chances of Shannon Day being caught and tortured by some unsavoury thugs, before being burned to a crisp with her ship, increase dramatically.

I’m sure we can all agree that our solution is more ‘humaine’, no?

Does anyone know CMDR Shannon Day? Did any of you know about an experiment involving dissected UA ‘parts’?

Rest assured, I’ll be keeping my eyes open and my ears to the ground.

Update: I’ve found her – she’s thousands of light years away on CMDR Josh Hawkins’ ship! Watch now!

Verity Gavroche